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Breaking News Willemstan citizens still cannot believe that they were lead by a cat for an entire term.                                                             Williamston parents set to complain on Facebook again.                                                             Graduation of Charlie Nolan from WHS leaves Williamston IT Department relieved.                                                             Breaking: Embezzling scheme linked to Williamston Community Schools vending machines.                                                             The CDC has been notified that Charlie Nolan plans to grow another onion in the robotics room.                                                             Patrick Bernard Weber V to become principal of Williamston High School.                                                             Local clinic claims Dr. Spina cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to the scales underneath his skin, which prevent the vaccine from entering his reptilian bloodstream.                                                             Q4 2021 reports indicate the WHS Robotics Team is still broke.                                                             Eyewitness reports of students burning textbooks to stay warm in the D-hallway are "greatly exaggerated" according to superintendent Dr. Adam Spina.                                                             Twitter to cancel Willemstan.                                                             Eyewitness reports of a portal to Narnia in the C hallway under investigation.                                                             Willemstan Chronicles to be released after Half-Life 3.                                                             Williamston Weekly received an audience score of 10%. Certified Garbage.                                                             Alleged sightings of Mr. Rasmus outside of Williamston High School have been deemed false reports.                                                             Former WHS Assistant Principal Mike Freeman claims responsibility for ending the Devious Lick trend.                                                             WHS F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Team to be declared a terrorist organization.
Willemstan Website "Don't use TikTok as your moral compass."
- Mr. Herek on the Devious Lick challenge, 09/30/2021.
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