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The 2020 System IV Rescue Operation

Also known as the "Great Heist of SuS" and "Operation SuS Migration"

Exposed Article

This article was last updated on: June 5th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The Willemstan Administration's response to the restoration of System IV and SuS, thanks to this operation.

"A brick is a guest key anywhere."

- Sean Kavanagh during the planning phase of the mission, 07/25/2020.


It was the July of 2020, and it was becoming apparent that Williamston Community Schools would not be re-opening for the 2020 - 2021 school year. The System IV computer, located in the D2 robotics room at the time, was missing in action. It had been months since there was a sign of life from it. With the next school year approaching fast, the school building finally reopened, and COVID-19 cases on the rise once again, four members of Willemstan decided that it was time to take advantage of the narrowing window presented to them. It was time to rescue the System IV computer from Williamston High School.

Planning the Operation

Planning of the operation began on July 25th of 2020 and took place in the System IV group chat. At first, breaking into the school via breaking a window in the robotics room was jokingly brought up. After that, more legal means were discussed. Getting into the high school was easy enough, but getting into the robotics room, which was almost certanly locked, was a different story. The immediate solution was to ask a staff member for help. After all, the custodians have shown favor to the team in the past, and have had no issue unlocking the door for members of the team in the past. It was then decided that it would be better to just take the computer out of the school, rather than just turning it back on. This way, the System IV server could be accessed from anywhere, and the computer would be away from the grubby hands of the IT Men. After further discussion, it was agreed that Charlie, Ian, and Sean would enter WHS on the upcoming monday to retrieve the computer and relocate it to Charlie's house.

The next day, July 26th of 2020, planning resumed. An arrival time of 12:00pm was finalized, and it was mentioned that Devin A. would be joining the operation. Surely a crowd of four students suddenly showing up at the school together, on a monday, wouldn't attract any attention... Anyway, the plan to negotiate with a janitor was re-affirmed, and the plan was set in stone.


Of the four people involved, three of them were the three founders of the System I folder. Only two of them were members of the robotics team at the time.

The Rescue

On July 27th of 2020, just after 12:00pm, the operation began. Charlie, Ian, and Sean arrived at the same time, and waited a couple of minutes for Devin. Once he arrived, they approached the building. They were immediately greeted with a sign that said the school was closed, however, the door was wide open, and the school website said the school was open. So the group entered anyway.

The plan to get a key from the office was shot, as seconds later, the group discovered that the office was not open. And so, the search for a custodian began. After wandering around the school for several minutes, checking the robotics room door (it was locked), and completing a full loop of the school, a group of janitors were discovered in the teacher's lounge. In case if you were wondering, the high school was completely empty, but there was some cleaning equipment and boxes scattered in the halls. Anyway, after a brief discussion with the custodians, one of them agreed to unlock the robotics room, but did not leave the operatives unsupervised during the operation.

Upon entering D2, the group was met with a shocking sight. The robotics room had been altered since the school closed down. Two new 3D printers were added and all of the computers were moved around. The System IV server was found on a table, the very one that can be seen in the Live Camera Feed livestreams.While looking for the keyboard, monitor, mouse, and power cable, the robotics laptop was briefly examined. The examinee was greeted with a WCS login screen, and as it turns out, all of the computers were assimilated into the school network. The robotics laptop was left behind in the room, and all of the data on it, such as the robot code, is presumed wiped.

After some more searching, the server stolen from the D5 storage room was found intact and un-assimilated. The monitor and keyboard for the System IV computer were discovered in the far end of the robotics room, near the desk featured in the Final Project for Spanish III. With all components recovered, the operatives declared the operation completed and exited the building the same way they came in.

The Aftermath

Sometime later, the group arrived at Charlie's house. The goal was to set up System IV in the house, and to determine if System IV, SuS, and everything else on there had been slain by the IT Men. If so, System IV would be the second System Folder destroyed by the IT Men, although this time indirectly.

The System IV computer was successfully booted up, and sure enough, the operatives were not greeted with a WCS login screen. The lock and key security system had endured, the mission was a complete success. In the following hours, the computer was set up as an FTP server. After 101 days, System IV was finally online and back in business.

On a side note, SuS came back online shortly after System IV was restored. This caused the coup members to freak out a little, but ultimately, Charlie did not attempt to take back the server using SuS. Instead, SuS and the other Discord bots were given refugee status in Antarctica.

March Incident

Main article: March Incident

During the infamous March Incident in 2021, the administration became aware of the 2020 Rescue Operation. They were somewhat pissed that we entered the school under very suspecious circumstances. While it is true that we probably shouldn't have entered the school, we brought up the fact that the school website did say that the school was open, and that we were collecting personal property. This probably prevented us from getting punished for the incident. However, Mr. Armour informed us that students aren't actually allowed to enter the high school during the summer. We didn't know about that policy.