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2021 Inventory Operation

This article was last updated on: January 3rd of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A bunch of Spanish textbooks in storage, photo taken on September 8th of 2021.

"So during robotics today I went through every single file left behind by many teachers before our time in the robotics storage room. Wiki article on the subject is currently in the making, many things were learned."

- Ian Hampton on the 2021 Inventory Operation, 09/08/21.

"You two wont believe what's on it... We weren't the first Live Camera Feed."

- Ian Hampton on an SD card recovered from an old camera during the operation, 09/08/21.


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The 2021 Inventory Operation was an operation conducted on September 8th of 2021 and September 15th of 2021. It was a Willemstan operation headed by Ian Hampton, with the goal of doing a complete inventory of the storage rooms, in the hopes of finding interesting documents and other cool stuff. Such documents were indeed found. This inventory ignores items that were put in storage by the robotics team. For context, between the Williamston High School classrooms D2 and D4, there exists two small storage rooms. Since D2 and D4 have been largely unused over the last few years, these two rooms have become a storage area for all sorts of old classroom materials. Some of which dates back decades due to the longevity of the staff members who used to teach in the largely abandoned classrooms. Aside from this, the rooms have been largely forgotten about by school staff.

On September 8th of 2021, Ian went through all of the abandoned files in the room, making several discoveries. A four gigabyte SD card was found in an old camera, which contained a single 40 minute video on it: a recording of an entire Spanish class in the D2 room in 2014. The most interesting discovery was a complete staff registry for the 2006-2007 school year, containing the personal information of all staff members in the district. On September 15th, Ian finished reviewing the storage room.

History of D2 and D4

The D2 classroom was used as a Spanish classroom until 2018, when the teacher in that classroom departed WHS. A large amount of her classroom materials were left behind. This classroom was quickly taken over by Mrs. Potere (formerly known as Miss Mitchell). She only used the classroom for one year, and then moved to the D7 room. The school then wanted to discard all of the leftover classroom materials. As a result, Charlie and Sean Kavanagh conducted the infamous 2019 Salvage Operation, in which they gathered all of the VHS tapes in the classroom and took them home. Following this, at least some of the leftover class materials were put away in the storage area. The classroom would later be used by the WHS Robotics Team on a weekly basis, but other than that, was left abandoned.

The D4 classroom was initially Mr. Keith's classroom. Following his transfer to Williamston Middle School over the summer of 2017, the classroom was left abandoned. One of the windows was reportedly cracked. The classroom was eventually cleared out at some point, it's contents stuffed into the storage area. During the summer of 2021, the school finally reclaimed the classroom. Mr. Rasmus was given a budget of $300,000 to renovate the classroom, to use for MSA Research. The cabinets were completely redone, a reaction chamber was added, and new desks and appliances were also installed.

Room #1 Contents

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This is a small room located between D2 and D4. It features three doors, one of which leads to Room #2. As for the other two doors, one leads to D2, and the other to D4. There is no way to enter this room without going through D2 or D4 first. The room features one sink (with very high water pressure), as well as a lot of cabnets. These cabnets are mostly unused, and several contain old Spanish textbooks. The robotics team piles a lot of their junk in this room, including two microwaves. Team members such as Charlie have also made a habit of chucking stuff into the ceiling of the room (through a missing part of the ceiling), effectivly using it as a trash can. More on topic, the room features a black filing cabnet, where most of the files examined during this operation were located in.

Room #2 Contents

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Also known as the "Storage Room" and "Malcolm's hiding place" by members of the team, Room #2 is a cramped storage room which receives very little use. This is the final resting place for many old school materials and supplies. The room is full of shelves, making the room somewhat difficult to navigate when factoring in all the junk on the floor. There is also a hole in the ceiling in this room as well. The robotics team uses this area to store a couple things, most notably, a framed robotics t-shirt, which sits on the floor. Charlie threw a bag of pre-pandemic pretzels into the ceiling on September 8th of 2021. There is only one door in this room, which leads back into Room #1. There are no windows.

Intel Gained

Firstly, the 2014 video gave us a look into what the D2 classroom looked like when it was still a Spanish classroom. Ian joked that this was technically a Live Camera Feed. The old schedules uncovered during the operation shed some light on the classrooms teachers were located in during the 2014-2015 school year. To name a few, Mrs. Nolen was located in D1, Mr. Rasmus was in D7, Mr. Lutzke was in D9, Mrs. Plaxton in F22, and Mr. Duffey in D15. Information from the staff registry has yet to be revealed.