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This article was last updated on: February 26th 2023

Era Discord Era
Period Post-Graduation Period
Dictator Charlie Nolan
Ongoing Events None
Preceded By December 2022
Succeeded By N/A


2023 marks the fifth year anniversary of Willemstan's foundation over Google Classroom.


January 1st of 2023 - Charlie Nolan was elected Dictator of Willemstan.

January 2nd of 2023 - The Death Row channel was created.

January 4th of 2023 - The 3rd IT Men Raid on the Robotics Room began.

January 5th of 2023 - The Banned Fandoms channel was created.

January 7th of 2023 - WHS Robotics attended the kickoff event for the 2023 season.

January 9th of 2023 - Charlie began an investigation into the Winter 2023 Election, citing fraudulent ballots.

January 9th of 2023 - Charlie discovered an archive of Mr. Herek's Wheel of Fortune episode.

January 10th of 2023 - Charlie announced the results of his investigation. Several ballots were deemed fraudulent, with some voters incorrectly voting for the same candidate multiple times.

February 22nd of 2023 - In #notifications, Charlie asked the citizens of Willemstan if government action should be taken against Izzy Beckhorn for failing to complete the Morbinge. Citizens voted 13 - 0 in favor.

February 24th of 2023 - Charlie announced that the Jonathan Gere Discord Bot now runs on OpenAI, rather than its original fucktard engine. As a result, Gere AI responded to more messages than ever before, but lacked the Gere personality and citizen submited quotes.