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About Willemstan and the Willemstan Wiki

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What is Willemstan?

Willemstan began in January of 2018 as a class on Google Classroom. It was created by a few bored students in Williamston Middle School. Today, it is a Discord server with dozens of members. We are a self-described "internet cult", and are not an actual organization or group of any kind. Willemstan exists purely as a fun pastime and social group. Our name "Willemstan" comes from the school in which most of us attend.

What is this website?

This website is known as the Willemstan Wiki, and documents our activites through over a hundred articles. While it may seem like we take ourselves seriously, we really don't. It is just a hobby project and an excuse to relearn HTML. This website began on March 23rd of 2020 and is meant to be funny and informative. The idea for the Wiki came about after a failed coup attempt on the same day, in which a mock battle report was generated. This inspired the documentation of other events, which eventually lead to all of this.

What does the Willemstan Wiki document?

The Willemstan Wiki is dedicated to recording and archiving the history and timeline of Willemstan. This primarily consists of the events in the Willemstan Discord Server and the Silly School, but also includes activities in Williamston Community Schools by members of Willemstan, most notably the System saga and the Robotics Team. However, we have also spent an unhealthy amount of time documenting information regarding Williamston Community Schools, because we wanted to learn more about the school in which most of us attend. There's practically nothing about it on the school website or Wikipedia so we thought we would do it ourselves. We do our best to back up the non-Willemstan related articles with as much relevant research as possible.

Why can't I view some of the articles?

We have password protected some of the more "interesting" articles. This is in order to protect many members of Willemstan from the WCS administration, should they decide to come after us for this website again and do a thorough investigation this time. If you are a member of Willemstan, you should be able to find the log-in information on the Willemstan Discord Server. If you aren't, reach out to a member of Willemstan and they may provide the information to you.

When is the Willemstan Wiki updated?

The Willemstan Wiki received scheduled updates during its development phase. Now that the Wiki is largely complete and moved onto a server, this is no longer the case. Instead, the wiki is updated whenever it is necessary in order to keep it up to date with current events. Old articles are also rewritten occasionally. In short, we update the wiki pretty regularly in small amounts. To keep up with any major updates, view the Willemstan Website Blog on the sidebar or the What's New tab. The Willemstan Wiki will continue to recive updates for the foreseeable future.

How can I contact you?

If needed, you can email us here or here. We do not check these emails very often though so don't expect a response right away..

Mmm, Cookies!

The Willemstan Wiki uses cookies. We don't care if there is a law that requires user consent because we don't feel like programming it. Deal with it. The site does not track you, it only uses cookies to save your login information if you login, and to prevent the Willemstani banner ads from showing up after you have already exited them before. Cookie data does not hold sensitive info and we don't sell it to anyone.