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About Willemstan and the Willemstan Wiki

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What is Willemstan?

Willemstan began in January 2018 as a class on Google Classroom. It was created by a few bored students in Williamston Middle School. Today, it is a Discord server with over 60 members. We are a self-described "internet cult", and while we are not an actual organization or group of any kind, we have our own mock government and elections. Willemstan exists purely as a fun pastime and social group. Our name "Willemstan" is a distortion of the name "Williamston", the town in which most of us resided.

What is this website?

This section of the website is known as the Willemstan Wiki, and documents our activities through over two hundred articles. It is a massive hobby project and an excuse to learn coding. Development of this website began on March 23rd of 2020 and continues to this day. The idea for the Wiki came about after a failed coup attempt on the same day, in which a mock battle report was generated. This inspired the documentation of other events in Willemstan's history, which eventually lead to all of this.

What does the Willemstan Wiki document?

The Willemstan Wiki is mostly dedicated to recording and archiving the history of our Willemstan internet cult. In addition, we have gathered information regarding Williamston Community Schools and some local events. Most of this information is presented in publicly accessable pages. We do our best to back up these articles with as much relevant research as possible.

Why can't I view some of the articles?

Only a select number of articles are automatically accessable. These are about the WCS district or local events. The rest of the articles are restricted.

How can I contact you?

If needed, you can email us here.

Mmm, Cookies!

The Willemstan Wiki uses cookies. The site does not track you, it only uses cookies to save your login information if you login, and to prevent the banner ads from showing up after you have already exited them before. It is also used to log what pages you have visited on this site to show you pages that have since been updated. Cookie data does not hold sensitive info and we don't sell it to anyone.