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Angel Delp Image

This article was last updated on: December 17th 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A screenshot of the Angel Delp project from Dawson's web technology website.

"Angel Delp will always be funny."

- Ian Hampton in #propaganda, 11/04/2021.


Side Image

Angle Delp is a meme created by Dawson Morgan in Mrs. Baldwin's Web Technology class, during the 1st semester of the 2018 - 2019 school year. The image was created for a photoshop assignment in her class. The task was to combine two images to make a new image. Thus, Angle Delp was born.

It is worth noting that Angle Delp was presented in a slightly different form to Mrs. Baldwin. Only the line "Welcome to Williamston" was present, the other two were added later or removed beforehand. This is probably becuase Dawson realized submitting the original would be very risky. He received an A on the assignment.

The Angle Delp image was most popular during 2019, but it's still iconic and occasionally referenced in Willemstan today.

Spread in Willemstan

For the initial weeks after it's birth, Angle Delp was mostly contained in Web Technology and A REALLY COOL FOLDER. This broke in January of 2019, when Ian Hampton emailed Angle Delp to himself, which began the spread of the meme across Willemstan. This delay was simply caused by forgetfulness.

Angle Delp directly inspired the production of additional Anti-Delp Propaganda by members of Willemstan, mostly Ian and Charlie Nolan. This eventually lead to memes targeting other staff members instead. Anti-Delp Propaganda had surges of popularity in Willemstan during 2019 and 2020.

In addition, the line "no druges please" in Angle Delp became a meme of its own. Countless members of Willemstan began intentionally misspelling "drugs" as "druges", sarcastically saying "no druges" when druges were described in a negative light, and much more. The catchphrase has also been used by members of Willemstan to make fun of the school district for it's widespread vaping and drug use issues. Even in 2021, "druges" remains core vocabulary for some members of Willemstan.

In December of 2021, Ian set the sever banner of the Willemstan Discord Server to Angle Delp.


Response from WHS Administration

To our knowledge, the administration is not aware of Angle Delp. In terms of staff members, Mrs. Baldwin is the only teacher that has even seen it, and she left the school district in 2019.