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Antarctica Discord Server

This article was last updated on: September 27th of 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

The longstanding server icon for Antarctica.

"Antarctica is finally coming to an end. Server will be deleted soon."

- Ian Hampton announcing the end of the Antarctica Discord Server, 09/28/20.


The Antarctica Discord Server was founded on June 3rd of 2018 by Ian Hampton. It was founded a month after a bunch of 8th grade drama was mostly resolved, and before Ian knew of Willemstan. This drama involved a few Willemstan members at the time, as well as future members, and as a result there was only a small overlap between Willemstan and Antarctica's members at the begining. However as the years went on, the two servers began to share more and more members as old wounds healed and interest in Willemstan was on the rise. The server was deleted on September 28th of 2020 after succumbing to inactivity.


At first, Antarctica was supposed to have an elected government. At the start of every month, three server members were randomly chosen to make up the "council". These members had full control over the server. However, this system was scrapped after only a few months because many council members were inactive. After that, Ian was solely in charge of running the server. Overtime he ruled with less of an iron fist as he came to realise the server was better off without many rules and regulations. The role system was changed many times, admins were a brief part of the server but were scrapped because they weren't needed. After that, roles were given based off of activity.


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Antarctica was well known for its Salt Mine punishment system. Those who broke the few rules of the server were sent there for an undetermined amount of time. Eventually this was replaced with a Penal Colony, in which the workers there had to preform actual tasks to be freed, including the forced manufacturing of Willemstan propaganda. Events would also occur from time to time, but these largely stopped after the first year and some. The server also featured designated chats for WHS students, as well as a strictly regulated #quality-memes channel, which served as the insperation for #quality-media in Willemstan. It was also well known for the #nsfwillemstan channel.


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The #nsfwillemstan text channel was originally the not-safe-for-work (NSFW) channel on the server. However, it did not recive much use, and on February 1st of 2019 Charlie Nolan offered to buy the channel from Ian for 2 computer bolts. He accepted the offer. This was Ian's first significant interaction with Willemstan, as he had only heard of the strange cult a month before. After the channel was purchased, and throughout its lifespan, it was used by Charlie to spew Willemstani Propaganda and for vote outsourcing during elections. Much later, it was also used by the Gere bot. Over a year after the server's decomission, a Willemstan channel was renamed to #nsfwillemstan in memorium.


Unlike Willemstan, the Antarctica Discord Server had many events at first. These included hunger games and other events, but the most well known were the cursed image contests in 2019. Charlie participated in one of the compeitions, and his submission was documented in a series of videos on the Silly Goose YouTube Channel. His image was of him in a trashbag eating an onion in a school bathroom. So yeah, that's the context behind this video, that video, and this video too.

However, server events became less frequent overtime until they eventually stopped altogether. This was mostly because nobody had any interest in them, and those that did organized events over at Willemstan instead. However, there was one final major event: Server Destruction Week. This event lasted for the first seven days of May, with each day bringing a new event intended to bring chaos to the server. Events included a spamming contest, a channel auction, and more. For the final component of the event, there was a mock election between political parties (each backed with currency in the form of mario coin emojis). The party that won was called the "Green Party", and was handed total control of the server as a result. Many of the text channels were renamed to more green-centric titles, such as #general -> #greenral.

However, a couple days later, Aidan Stubblebine created a Discord bot known as ninja brian, a bot designed purely to harass and oppress members of the Green Party. This included hitting their messages with emojis, outright deleting their messages, and spamming. At the time, it was hilarious. After Server Destruction Week concluded, the server returned to normal, and a Green Party vintage role was created.

Alliance with Willemstan

On February 10th of 2020, then Dictator Sean Kavanagh announced an alliance with the Antarctica Discord Server. In exchange, Antarctica established the penal colony around the same time and began the production of Willemstan propaganda via forced labor.

End of Antarctica

Beginning in early 2020, Antarctica began to experience a decline in server activity. As a result a period of lawlessness took over, in which Ian stopped caring about the server structure. As such, every text channel became a shitposting channel and people were only sent to the penal colony for "serious" offenses. Antarctica ended up suriving off of this model until the very end. Ian tried a series of two events to revive the server. The first was "Server Destruction Week" which lasted from May 1st - May 7th. This had a series of 7 events that caused large amounts of chaos, channels were taken over, and a green party became the ruling class of Antarctica. This event was a massive success. However, the second event was the opposite. This was an election that took place in early September, and was similar to Willemstan elections in the sense that the winner gained total control of the server. However, it was between several political parties rather than individual candidates. Charlie won the election, and pushed a series of joke reforms that hurt the server activity somewhat. After the election, interest steeply declined and the plug was pulled on September 28th of 2020. Charlie released a video about the deletion of the server. A new server, known as "Greenland" was created shortly after, however it was much more simple and smaller. This server received little activity and was unceremoniously deleted after a few months. Following the destruction of Antarctica, ninja Brian was put into retirement.