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Anti-Delp Propaganda

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on September 11th of 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

Dr. Delp's picture from the Williamston High School website, often used in Anti-Delp Propaganda.


"Anti-Delp Propaganda" refers to any memes that make mock or make fun of Dr. Delp, the principal of Williamston High School. The typical format of Anti-Delp Propaganda is an image post that makes fun of Dr. Delp or one of his school policies, and features one of his official school portraits. Members of Willemstan produced Anti-Delp Propaganda in two waves, the first lasting from late 2018 - 2019, and the second taking place in late 2020. While most of the Anti-Delp Propaganda featured Dr. Delp himself, some propaganda was also made targeting other staff members. At its peak, an entire school project was made with Anti-Delp Propaganda. Anti-Delp Propaganda would eventually fall out of interest to Willemstan, due to it being repetitive and largely created by only a few members of Willemstan.

Around the same time, WHS students not a part of Willemstan made memes making fun of Dr. Delp and other staff members. Some of them are archived here.

The Original Anti-Delp Propaganda

The first propaganda image of Delp was produced in 2018. The image was originally made as a part of a project for Web Technology. This image is the origin for the phrase "Welcome to Williamston, No Druges Please."

Other Anti-Delp Propaganda Works

The success of the original lead to the production of more Anti-Delp Propaganda works. Some of these were not made by members of Willemstan.

Anti-Delp Propaganda not directed at Dr. Delp

Soon, other staff members of WHS became targets as well. This included Mr. Freeman, Mrs. LaFleur, the IT Men, and others.

Memes about school staff not made by members of Willemstan

While not made by members of Willemstan, these memes were made during the Anti-Delp Propaganda era.