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April 2019

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Joey Badra
Ongoing Events None
Year 2019
Preceded By March of 2019
Succeeded By May of 2019

"They found the changed desktop backgrounds and Novell_Auth, but are unaware that it fills hardrive space, they only got us for the profane error messages. I also got a 'you are wasting your talents join our IT workforce' offer."

- Charlie Nolan in his message to Ian & Sean regarding the destruction of System I, 04/08/19.


This was the month when System I was destroyed by the IT Men, which resulted in several suspensions and System II. Joey Badra completed a full month of acting rule, and announced his plans to run for the upcoming election against Eli Payton, who had recently returned to the Willemstan Discord Server.


April 8th of 2019 - System I was deleted by the IT Men. This resulted in Charlie and Ian getting suspended from school, and they were both grounded to some degree.

April 19th of 2019 - Charlie made an announcement in #notifications, in which he released some details regarding the upcoming election. He instructed that all candidates must submit videos to the Silly Goose YouTube channel by April 20th.

April 23rd of 2019 - Charlie released a video titled "Summer of 2019 Election Announcements", in which he explained that the candidates would be Joey and Eli, and that the election would begin in late May.