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April 2021

This article was last updated on: May 1st of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events None
Year 2021
Preceded By March of 2021
Succeeded By May of 2021

"On this day a great blow was struck against us by the IT Men, and they became our sworn enemies. However, the people of Willemstan persevered, as they always have, and always will. May their act of aggression never be forgotten.

- Sean Kavanagh's address to the public on System Day, 04/08/21.


Still reeling from the events of the previous month, not much occurred during April of 2021. The System Day holiday was celebrated, in which Sean Kavanagh gave a brief speech. Willemstan.com came back online, and almost all articles were put under password protection. The website was not accessible to most of Willemstan during this month because work on a new log-in system began. A Comrades' Choice volume was produced, and Ian Hampton brought back server events on April 16th. A movie night was also hosted by Joey Badra.


April 8th of 2021 - System Day was announced. This was the third of the six official Willemstan holidays declared in the New Articles of Willemstan. Sean Kavanagh gave a brief speech in #announcements, and it was then established that the Dictator must give a speech on each Willemstan holiday.

April 9th of 2021 - Willemstan.com was finally put back online. All articles were password protected with the javascript aside from strictly WCS articles. Ian and Charlie began work on a new login system in order to improve the security of the website. Ian looked into a SQL/PHP system, while Charlie looked into htaccess.

April 14th of 2021 - Production of Comrades' Choice Volume #8 began.

April 16th of 2021 - Ian Hampton created a new channel known as "#sean-videos", and uploaded a collection of videos of Sean taken over the years.

April 16th of 2021 - Ian created designated channels and roles for Cosmoteer, Hnefatafl, and Diplomacy for Willemstan in an effort to bring back interest into those games and server events as a whole.

April 19th of 2021 - Willemstan Diplomacy Game #1 took place. 5 people participated.

April 21st of 2021 - Willemstan Diplomacy Game #2 took place. 5 people participated.

April 23rd of 2021 - Willemstan Diplomacy Game #3 took place. 4 people participated.

April 25th of 2021 - Willemstan Hnefatafl Tournament #1 began. 8 people participated.