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April 2022

This article was last updated on: August 8th of 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Alexandra Badra and Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events Production of the Willemstan Documentary
Year 2022
Preceded By March of 2022
Succeeded By May of 2022

"I am uncovering information that might greatly improve our skills in trolling."

- Charlie Nolan on his research into radio frequencies for Willemstan radio shinangians, 04/04/2022.


Charlie announced plans for "private Willemstan communications" using walkie talkies in Willemstan and got several Willemstan members to purchase walkie talkies. On April 10th this month, a potluck was held in the D2 classroom at Williamston High School to celebrate the end of the 2022 robotics season. Many members of the team took the opperunity that day to loot the robotics room for anything of value. Cody even took one of the 3D printers home, and Dr. Spina took home the laser printout of his face. A trailer for "Five Years of Willemstan" was released, aiming for a release date of June 2022.


April 3rd of 2022 - After being disabled for over a month, the Johnathan Gere bot was allowed to speak again in Willemstan. No investigation was done into the spamming that occurred back in February.

April 4th of 2022 - Charlie announced plans for "private Willemstan communications" involving the use of walkie talkies. He made in announcement in #notifications, calling upon the citizens of Willemstan to purchase a walkie talkie so they could join in on the fun. The goals of the shinangians were to engage in Willemstan communications with the radios, eavesdrop on school frequencies, and do some trolling.

April 8th of 2022 - System Day in Willemstan as declared by the New Articles of Willemstan. This marked the third anniversary of the deletion of System I and the punishment that followed.

April 10th of 2022 - The Great Looting of the Robotics Room took place. A potluck was held in the robotics room, celebrating the end of the 2022 season, the final one for many members of the team and for coach Cody Reeve. Many members of the team took the opportunity to loot the robotics room and nearby storage rooms for anything of value. Items that were "legitimately salvaged" included several computer monitors, a copy of "Williamstonopoly", and one of the $3,000 3D printers, which Cody took home to "get working". Dr. Spina was present at the event and took home the wooden printout of his face that was zip tied to the front of the team's robot.

April 11th of 2022 - A funny photo of Dr. Delp and Mr. Herek walking down the hallway in matching outfits was taken.

April 12th of 2022 - Charlie brought his pet snake Penis to school for an AP Literature presentation.

April 18th of 2022 - Ian released a trailer for Five Years of Willemstan in #notifications. It will be a feature-length documentary on Willemstan. The release date was announced to be in June 2022, post-graduation.