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The Brief Summary of Willemstan should be no longer than three paragraphs. The first should be background information, the second a recap of recent changes, and the third being a rundown of the current government.

The Featured Article section should be the most relevant article, and must be about an ongoing event. The summary below it is simply the first five sentences in the article, begining with the Lore/Background section.

The Featured Coundown/Countup should be a relevant countdown/countup from an existing article. It does not have to be from the Featured Article.

The final table should be a nice place to get started. Today's Willemstan represents the current community and government. Important Events should link important events in chronological order. Important People should include the articles on the people most important to Willemstan, past or present. Major Articles should be a list of articles ranked from file size, no more than two lines of articles.

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Willemstan People Article

Simplified Article Code

Here is a list of the different Server Side Include files to make Wiki coding easier. See the homepage or templates for examples of these includes in use (view them in a text editor, using an inspect element shows what you see after changes have been applied by the webpage). Please implement them into as many articles as possible.

/core/head.html Replaces all header sections (including metadata and icon, etc), all style sections for images, the style section for most tables, and title tag.
/core/sidenav.html Replaces sidenav division in body section.
/core/timecount.html Replaces countup division in body section, and configures functions used for scripting. window.onLoad() will still need to be replaced per each page using this include.
/core/timetable.html Replaces style section for tables used in each month article.
/core/sources.html Replaces the title for the source section and the styling for the source section.