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August 2019

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Annie Payton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2019
Preceded By July of 2019
Succeeded By September of 2019

"Please join the robotics team. We need more members."

- The recruiting pitch for the WHS Robotics Team, coined by Charlie & Sean.


This month was about as uneventful as its predecessor. This month mainly featured advertising for the WHS Robotics Team, as the school year had just started up.


August 26th of 2019 - Charlie made announcement asking the citizens of Willemstan to join the WHS Robotics Team. "Please join Williamston High School Robotics team. We need more members."

August 28th of 2019 - A SuS Willemstan Government Alert test was issued by Charlie.

August 29th of 2019 - Charlie made yet another announcement regarding the Robotics Team. This time, it was more of a poll then a recruiting pitch. The choices were considering, not considering, and undecided. Eli responded with considering, Brooklyn D. responsed with undecided, and Ian H, Devin S, and Andrew B. responded were not considering joining the team.