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August 2020

This article was last updated on: September 12th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2020
Preceded By July of 2020
Succeeded By September of 2020

"Thank you for listening, hail Willemstan."

- Eli Payton after the Among Us Competition was announced, 08/27/20.


This month revolved around a surge in server events, mainly hosed by Malcolm Hollingworth and Ian Hampton. The first Willemstan Wiki update since June was released, and the Willemstan Economy initiative was rolled out, as an incentive to participate in server events. Most significantly, willemstan.com was finally purchased.


August 1st of 2020 - The Willemstan Economy was released.

August 1st of 2020 - Willemstan Wiki Version 1.6 was released.

August 3rd of 2020 - Willemstan Public Survey #3 was released as a way to collect approval ratings for past Dictators. Eli scored the highest and Annie scored the lowest.

August 4th of 2020 - Malcolm hosted the first Willemstan Terraria event.

August 10th of 2020 - Ian hosted the first Cosmoteer Tournament.

August 12th of 2020 - Ian reorganized the Willemstan channels, the first overhaul since the 1.2 reforms.

August 19th of 2020 - The web domain willemstan.com was finally purchased, and was used to host System IV, the Wiki, and other stuff..

August 28th of 2020 - The first Willemstan Among Us Competition took place.

August 31st of 2020 - The 65th post was made on the classroom by Andrew B.