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August 2021

This article was last updated on: August 31st of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Ian Hampton
Ongoing Events Production of Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered
Year 2021
Preceded By July of 2021
Succeeded By September of 2021

"Now that the final year of high school is approaching, we need to think about the fate of our glorious nation."

- Ian Hampton on the poll to determine the future of Willemstan, 08/16/21.

"If anybody knows the email account or password for the old Willemstan Twitter account from sophomore year, please tell me immediately. This is a ticking time bomb and the entirety of Willemstan is associated with it. I need to delete the account."

- Charlie Nolan on the old Willemstan Public Messages account, 08/24/21.


The WENIS TV project was supposed to launch this month, but unfortunately shipping delays and faulty parts prevented the system from getting into working order. Production finally resumed on Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered, with the script being entirely drafted and reviewed by most of the cast. Discussion channels were also added to the Willemstan Discord Server by Dictator Ian Hampton. In other news, some discussion occurred over what the future has in store for Willemstan, with Ian posting a poll to #notifications asking the citizens for a plan of action. The winning initiative was to mass recruit "young people" to Willemstan. Tax Collection funds were also spent for the first time in years, and Charlie Nolan framed a picture of Dr. Delp which was pretty funny. Finally, interest in the Willemstan Public Messages account resurfaced this month, with many citizens of Willemstan concerned about the possible implications of the account, should it be discovered by The Administration.


August 1st of 2021 - Charlie Nolan provided another update on WENIS. He shared a picture of the setup, and stated that an antenna will be installed on August 9th, allowing for long range transmission. The radio amplifiers also had yet to arrive. WENIS was expected to launch in late August or early September, a launch date much later than originally planned.

August 4th of 2021 - Cosmoteer Tournament #3 began. It originally had six participants, but Devin S left the server, and Andrew M dropped out.

August 15th of 2021 - Charlie Nolan and Ian Hampton wrote the script for Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered.

August 15th of 2021 - Charlie printed out a picture of Dr. Steven Delp and framed it. He sent a photo of the framed picture to Willemstan in #notifications.

August 16th of 2021 - Ian sent out a poll in #notifications, asking the citizens about the fate of Willemstan.

August 16th of 2021 - Greenland was deleted after succumbing to inactivity. The Greater Idaho Lore channel was moved to Willemstan. A channel for discussing the Ingham County Wind Turbine drama was also created. The server was slightly remodeled to accommodate the new discussion channels.

August 18th of 2021 - The script for Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered was translated into Spanish by Ian. Following this, Ian released an official update to the Willemstan public in #notifications.

August 19th of 2021 - Cosmoteer Tournament #3 was canceled.

August 22nd of 2021 - The Future of Willemstan poll concluded. Ian announced that the winning initiative was to mass recruit "young people" to Willemstan.

August 24th of 2021 - $11.90 were transfered from the Bank of Willemstan to Ian through Charlie, who gave the money to him entirely in change. Furthermore, this change was stored in a plastic bottle with some water in it, making the coins smell like vinegar. He was also accidentally short changed by $0.10, as one of the coins given to him was a Canadian dime.

August 24th of 2021 - Charlie once again called for the original Willemstan Public Messages account to be deleted.

August 25th of 2021 - Ian reported the Willemstan Public Messages account for harassment in an effort to get it taken down by twitter.

August 26th of 2021 - Ian reported the Willemstan Public Messages account an additional two times. He also posted an update in #notifications, and called upon fellow Willemstan citizens to report the account.

August 28th of 2021 - WENIS suffered a setback after the newly arrived amplifier broke for some reason.

August 30th of 2021 - Ian spent the Willemstan funds transfered to him to purchase 180 days of Zira Premium for the Willemstan Discord Server. This allowed the complete automation of all option roles in the Willemstan Discord Server. Following this expense, the Bank of Willemstan had less than $5 remaining.

August 31st of 2021 - Ian, Camden, and Jacob reviewed the script for Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered together, pretty much finalizing the script after some delay.

August 31st of 2021 - Dictator Ian Hampton added a commandment to the New Articles of Willemstan, finalizing his and Charlie's call to get the Willemstan Twitter account shut down.