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Cody Reeve

Master of Mechinations & Warden of the Wires

This article was last updated on: December 7th of 2021

Cody himself

Cody Reeve behind the finished robot from the 2019 Robotics Season.

"When my paycheck is threatened, I shut up. But I do like money."

- Cody on the relations between the robotics team and the IT Men, 12/07/2021.


Cody Thomas Reeve was born in February of 1993, making him 28 years old. He has lived in Ingham County, Michigan, for a number of years, and seems to have lived in the area his whole life. Cody attended and graduated from Williamston High School in 2011. He attended Davenport University in 2013. He is certified by the Red Cross for First Aid & CPR. Cody currently works as a Technical Project Manager in Verato, and is the coach of the Williamston High School Robotics Team.

Career at Williamston High School

Cody Reeve has been the coach and regulatory body of the Robotics Team since its foundation in 2018. He is also the only reason why the team hasn't constructed a cyborg out of one of their fellow members yet, serving a moral compass for the team. Although, he has allowed some questionable activity to occur in the robotics room in the past, such as the Live Camera Feed. Cody was a lifeguard and swim instructor at WHS when he was a student. Following the Class of 2022's graduation, Cody has stated that he will retire from his position as coach. It is unclear who will take his place following his departure, if anyone at all.

Current Employment

Cody current works at Verto as a full-time Technical Project Manager. He has been working there since September of 2021.

Past Employment

Under the State of Michigan, Cody worked as an IT Student Assistant from 2013 - 2015. From 2015 - 2016, he worked as a Data Warehouse Project Manager. After that, Cody was an IT Project Manager at Dewpoint from 2016 - 2021.


Cody is a very chill dude, but also expects steady progress from the team and all of its members. As long as you don't skip many meetings and actually do robotics work most of the time, you will be on his good side. While he does keep a handle on things, Cody was not above a little rule bending for the sake of Charlie's dopamine rushes. He found the Willemstan Flag and music blasting from the Live Camera Feed hilarious. While he did question the Live Camera Feed at first, he ultimately allowed it to slide and said "it's fine as long as I'm not associated with it or directly in it".

Following the March Incident, Cody's opinion on Charlie's stunts has changed. School staff apparently came to talk to Cody about the situation, and the restrictions the IT Men were placing on the computers because "Charlie and Sean" could no longer be trusted. This, combined with past conversations with Dr. Spina regarding other robotics room shinangians, has made Cody mostly unsympathetic towards the team's complaining about the heavy computer restrictions. While he did send in a request to the IT Men to resolve the situation, this was only after weeks of convincing. The IT Men granted admin permissions to Cody's account in late September, but this was not tested until December 7th of 2021. Without Cody's account, the team can only browse the internet and install software on the robotics computers, and even then, the computers are subjected to occasional kidnapings and resets by the IT Men.

Reception by Members of the Robotics Team

Cody Reeve is well received by all current members of the robotics team, in which they hold him to the esteem of "pretty cool guy". He made an appearance on the Silly Goose YouTube Channel several years ago, in which he was challenged by a Parker Foss, a member of the robotics team, to a mountain-dew chugging contest. Several members of the team are also thankful for his defense of the Live Camera Feed on two separate occasions. During the summer of 2020, Cody attempted to warn Charlie Nolan of an incoming IT Men insurgency. Around that time, he also moved the guitar amp used to blast noise during the stream to a safer location, which made have prevented the IT Men from discovering it. Despite how suspicious this sounds, Cody was not actually aware of the stream at the time. However, this changed in January of 2021, when he discovered and disabled the stream, much to the disdain of Charlie and Willemstan. Following this incident, Cody allowed Charlie to resume the Live Camera Feed stream a few weeks later, and hang a Willemstan Flag in the robotics room. Following the discovery by the guitar amp in February of 2021, Cody helped Charlie get it out of the building before it could be confiscated by Delp and his cronies.


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