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December 2018

This article was last updated on: November 21st of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Foundation Period
Dictator Josue Mejia, Charlie Nolan, Eli Payton
Ongoing Events Willemstan - Wolfenstan War, Winter 2018 Election
Year 2018
Preceded By November of 2018
Succeeded By January of 2019


- Charlie Nolan in his second update on the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War, 12/13/18.


This was the first truely eventful month for the Willemstan Discord Server. For starters, the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War began on December 12th, in which Josue Mejia stepped down from Dictator and joined Wolfenstan, leaving Charlie Nolan as Acting Dictator. Charlie lead Willemstan through the conflict and heavily enforced Tax Collection to finance the war. This lasted until Eli Payton narrowly won the Winter 2018 Election on December 26th of 2018 by only one vote. Eli appointed Joey Badra as the first 'Right Hand Man', a position between Dictator and General, and also appointed Charlie as General. The three of them would continue to lead Willemstan for the coming months. It is also worth noting that after Josue's departure, Charlie began regularly using his classroom account as yet another alternate account of his.


December 12th of 2018 - Charlie Nolan announced that he was now the Dictator, and that Willemstan was at war with "Wolfenstan", another cult consisting of seperatists. These seperatists included Josue and Nick, who were the two highest ranking officials in Willemstan. Charlie began advocating for Tax Collection, and announced that Parker F. was working as a spy for Willemstan.

December 13th of 2018 - The 55th post was made to the Silly School by Josue's account. Since Josue has left Willemstan by this point, you can asssume all future posts under his name are Charlie's doing. The post announced that the Winter 2018 Election would begin soon, originally supposed to begin around Thanksgiving.

December 13th of 2018 - Charlie released an extensive war update on the Discord server. In the announcement, he revealed that Josue was actually a spy for Willemstan all along, Dominic K. was added as yet another spy as well, that tax collection was down and needed to be ramped up, and more.

December 13th of 2018 - Charlie also announced on the server that voting for the election would begin on the 14th, and would end on Christmas.

December 14th of 2018 - The 56th post was made to the Silly School by Charlie as Willemstan Willemstan. This announced the begining of the Winter 2018 Election, and that the polls were open. A similar announcement was made on the server, also by Charlie.

December 14th of 2018 - Charlie released a minor war update.

December 26th of 2018 - Charlie announced a tiebreaker poll for the Wintr 2018 Election.

December 26th of 2018 - Charlie announced Eli Payton as the winner of the election.

December 27th of 2018 - Eli announced the new office positions for his administration. Joey Badra was appointed right hand man, and Charlie was appointed General.