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December 2020

This article was last updated on: December 31st of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events Winter 2020 Election, Minecraft WHS Project
Year 2020
Preceded By November of 2020
Succeeded By January of 2021

"Greetings citizens of Willemstan. As this election begins, I would like you to keep a few things in mind. For one, this is the first Willemstan Election in almost a full year. Let's make it a good one."

- Ian Hampton in his General Statement to the Willemstan public, 12/01/20.


The Winter 2020 Election occured this month, and broke the records for total number of candidates and total ballots cast. At first, it was a close race between Charlie Nolan, Joey Badra, Sean Kavanagh, and Malcolm Hollingworth, but the election quickly swung in favor of Sean. Someone also conceded from the election for the first time (although there have been withdraws during nominations before) and many endorsments and propaganda were made. System IV experienced a minor outage, and progress on the WHS Minecraft Project continued. Weekly events occured throughout the entire month, which were mostly Partypack and Battlesiege events.


December 1st of 2020 - The Winter 2020 Election began, with Ian managing the election.

December 1st of 2020 - Malcolm Hollingworth and Charlie Nolan announced their run for Dictator.

December 1st of 2020 - After taking a long break, decent progress was made on the Minecraft WHS project.

December 2nd of 2020 - The System IV server went out for 34 minutes but was quickly put back online.

December 3rd of 2020 - The livestream of the upcoming Winter 2020 Election results was tested.

December 4th of 2020 - Partypack Event #3 took place.

December 6th of 2020 - Natalie Nolan and Sean Kavanagh announced their run for Dictator. Natalie immediately began publicly insulting Malcolm.

December 11th of 2020 - An election propaganda spree occured. Charlie produced joke pieces of propaganda against Natalie, Malcolm, and Sean. Sean produced a propaganda for his campaign. Malcolm produced a propaganda for his campaign.

December 11th of 2020 - Minecraft Battlesiege Event #1 took place.

December 12th of 2020 - More election propaganda was released by Charlie and Natalie.

December 12th of 2020 - Andrew M. announced his run for Dictator.

December 14th of 2020 - Joey B. announced his run for Dictator.

December 14th of 2020 - The First Willemstan Election Debate took place. It was moderated by Eli Payton and Ian Hampton, all candidates participated.

December 15th of 2020 - Polls opened for the Winter 2020 Election. Charlie Nolan endorsed Sean Kavanagh, and Andrew Meyer endorsed Joey Badra, all within the first day.

December 15th of 2020 - Charlie Nolan made the 68th post to the Silly School for Cosmic Children as "Jashua Meshia". It was simply a reminder to vote for the Winter 2020 Election.

December 17th of 2020 - Natalie Nolan endorsed Sean Kavanagh.

December 18th of 2020 - The Willemstan Jeopardy Event was canceled due to a lack of turnout.

December 19th of 2020 - The 69th post to the Silly School for Cosmic Children was made by "Glory to Arstotzka!", asking for an invite to the server.

December 20th of 2020 - Andrew Meyer conceded from the election after endorsing Joey Badra a few days prior. As such, all votes for him still counted, but he could not gain anymore votes.

December 23rd of 2020 - Jackbox Partypack Event #4 took place and had five total participants.

December 26th of 2020 - Andrew Meyer endorsed Sean Kavanagh after Sean claimed that he was not opposed to creating a Willemstan Market, one of Andrew's key positions.

December 30th of 2020 - Minecraft Battlesiege Event #2 took place. It had four participants.