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Discovery Elementary

This article was last updated on March 7th of 2021.

An image of Discovery Elementary's front entrance.


Discovery Elementary, or just Discovery for short, is the newest of four buildings that make up Williamston Community Schools.. Despite being directly connected to Explorer Elementary, Discovery is considered a separate building because of the drastic age difference between the two. The most recent data available claims 425 students attend Explorer. Explorer Elementary is a K-2nd grade school.

Discovery's construction began in 1996 and finished around the year 2000. Its completion released a lot of the strain on Explorer, as Disovery's construction meant Explorer was no longer the only elementary school. Its newer gym and cafeteria is used more often compared to the older facilities in Explorer. There was a vote to approve another loan in 2003 to construct a third elementary school, a mere three years after Discovery was built. However, the bond was never approved, leaving Discovery as the newest building for the foreseeable future.

Sinking Fund Expenses

"Sinking Funds at Discovery Elementary" refers to the various renovation projects that occur at Discovery using revenue from "Sinking Fund dollars". A Sinking Fund is revenue set aside over a long period of time to fund a future expense. For Discovery, this money can be spent on emergency repairs, infrastructure repairs, and school saftey improvements. The total amount of Sinking Fund dollars spent on Discovery Elementary is: ~$158,034.

In 2019, minor roof repairs were made for $1,600.

In 2018, the chiller in Discovery was replaced for $95,000.

In 2017, some of the sewers and sidewalks were replaced for $17,450, and a further $8,525 was spent on replacing a few of the doors. We'll estimate 1/4 of that was for Discovery.

In 2015, the two boilers in Discovery were replaced with two new energy efficient boilers for a cost of $50,940.

In 2014, $12,045 was spent replacing the doors in Discovery, Explorer, and WMS, $4,000 of which we'll estimate for Discovery.

Public Controversy and Press Coverage

In October of 2018, there was a mold infestation at Discovery Elementary. The students in Explorer and Discovery got a day off of school because of it.


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