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Editor's Guide

"I recognize that the website is out of our jurisdiction, but we will punish you more if you don't do what we ask."

- Paraphrasing what Mr. Armour said during the March Incident.

Homepage Editing

There should only be three paragraphs for the summary on the homepage. The first is a concise summary on the origin of Willemstan. The second paragraph is about recent events that have had a large impact on Willemstan. And by recent, they should be recent and relevant. For example, the Willemstan - Wolfenstan war is not relevant today and so it shouldn't be in this paragraph, but the March Incident absolutely is. This paragraph should be just as brief as the rest, and shouldn't go into much detail. This paragraph needs occasional updating as older events begin to lose relevance. The third paragraph should begin with introducing the current Dictator, and a couple of things they've done. Following that, the paragraph should mention a couple very recent or ongoing events. The third paragraph requires updating the most often.

All Articles Page

The all articles page only needs to be edited when articles are added or removed from the wiki. The exceptions to this rule are the March Incident pages, which we hope to return to the website eventually. Their dead links should remain there. Also, the All Articles Page should be under password protection, as the administration might get annoyed that we still have articles on teachers and stuff listed there, even though they have been removed. We also don't want them reading the more interesting article titles about Willemstani activities.

Public Articles

Due to the March Incident, public articles are a minority. These few articles are remaining public in order to provide a public resource. As such, they should contain no references to Willemstan. This includes links to people articles. They should also be unbiased and neutral because we don't want the administration getting upset about how we're portraying them. Public articles are listed on the Willemstan.com homepage.

Contact Ian before making any article public or non-public.

Timeline Articles

As of 2023, all notable Willemstan events will be stored in a yearly timeline article.

General Editing Rules

To-do List