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Empire of Willemstan Directive

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This article was last updated on: March 4th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A Willemstan Propaganda by Joey Badra for the war effort, circa February 1st of 2020.

"The r/Williamston subreddit has been targeted for annexation by our great nation. We shall attempt to pressure the neckbeard admin into handing over admin rights to us."

- Sean Kavanagh during his "We are going to war" address, 01/29/21.

"Don't make me return to my comatose state, I'm warning you zoomers."

- u/Jacobanshee's response to the 3:15pm raid on r/Williamston, 02/01/21.


Side Image

For most of Willemstan's history, Willemstan has been centralised on the Willemstan Discord Server. Aside from the occasional post on the Silly School, Silly Goose YouTube Channel, and rare appearence in school projects, Willemstan's influence has rarely extended beyond that very Discord server. In an effort to break through this isolation, expand Willemstan's population, and for the funny, Dictator Sean Kavanagh and his administration announced a new "Empire of Willemstan" initiative on January 29th of 2021. This was first announced to the Willemstan public by Ian in #notifications on that same day, and quickly followed up by a propaganda video from Sean. Note that the video was filmed at the same location as his Winter 2019 Election candidacy video. The goal of the Empire of Willemstan was to annex other small online communities and turn them into Willemstan colonies.

The Empire of Willemstan directive called for the establishment of a "New Willemstan Army" which is composed of three divisions. The first division called the "Espionage Division" was for collecting information, identifying targets, and insiding other communities. The second division "Propaganda Division" was for creating Willemstan Propaganda for the "Raiding Division", who are in charge of raiding online communities targetted by Sean's administration. Any community that fell to Willemstan was to have a Willemstan Ambassador put in charge there.

Willemstan Discord Server

Main article: Willemstan Discord Server

The Willemstan Discord Server continues to be the center of Willemstan. It was ruled by Dictator Sean Kavanagh during the directive, and is where the Government of Willemstan is located. It also served as the place to dump Willemstan Propaganda and coordinate raids on other communities for the directive.

Silly School for Cosmic Children

Main article: Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom)

After its abandonment in October of 2018, the classroom became little more than a remnant of Willemstan, with Charlie occasionally posting to it. While the classroom is considered worthless, it is still considered a part of Willemstan, and thus was designated as a colony. Charlie was chosen as the Ambassador for the classroom. He attempted to get the citizens of Willemstan to complete their old classwork on the classroom, but this was not met with much enthusiasm.


After two previous raids, Sean's administration decided that r/Williamston should be the first target of the Willemstan empire. The final r/Williamston raid began on February 1st of 2021 and ended on March 1st of 2021. Willemstan sought to permanently occupy the space, and applied sustained pressure through weekly raids in an attempt to capitulate the admin.. Willemstan also demanded that the admin hand over ownership of the subreddit. Sure enough, the raiders got the admin's attention. On February 1st, the mod (known as u/Jacobanshee) came out of his comatose state and retaliated by purging several posts and issuing several bans. After that incident, he was seemingly content with his work and only deleted posts with duplicated propaganda. However, by mid-February, he once again returned to his comatose state, and did not hand over the sub.

Day One

On February 1st of 2021, many members of Willemstan produced propaganda and/or raided the subreddit. This included Charlie Nolan, Eli Payton, Joey Badra, Ian Hampton, Malcolm Hollingworth, Thomas Meyer, Andrew Meyer, and Aidan Stubblebine. After almost a dozen posts were made, the mod deleted all but one of the posts, and banned several Willemstan members including Charlie, Andrew M, and Malcolm. At 3:15pm, members of Willemstan issued a coordinated attack by spamming the image below. The mod responded to this by changing his flair to "Neckbeard" and made several other references to this article, indicating that he has probably looked into our cult. Howevever, he has not yet deleted any of our newer posts.

A Willemstan Propaganda by Joey Badra, circa February 1st of 2020.

Day Fourteen

By February 14th of 2021, posts on r/Williamston by members of Willemstan had slowed, but were still coming in at a trickle. Jacob K. and Devin S. were sent to the Willemstan Salt Mines for failing to respond to government conscription. The propaganda division has been essential so far, as members of Willemstan have to produce new propaganda for every post, in order to avoid the wrath of u/Jacobanshee.

A comment left by the admin on one of our posts, circa February 1st of 2020.

Day Twenty-Seven

By February 27th of 2021, enthusiasm for the initative had gone down to rock bottom. Most citizens were putting off their conscripted duties to the last minute. Many ignored the initiative entirely, even under penalty of salt mining servitude. By this point, it was clear the general public was no longer enjoying the Empire of Willemstan push. u/Jacobanshee had not conceded the subreddit and had long reverted back to his comatose state.

Unknown Raider

On February 25th of 2021, a reddit user by the name of "u/Rgifofifff" appeared on the subreddit and posted an internet meme not related to Willemstan. We do not know who this individual is, their connection to the subreddit, nor their motive for raiding it. On February 27th of 2021, u/Rgigfofifff made a second post on the sub, which was another meme (pretty cringe at that). Even the neckbeard admin was confused, who broke his silence and responded with a simple "???".

Comments left by members of Willemstan on u/Rgifofiff's first post, as well as u/Jacobanshee's response a day later. Circa February 27th of 2021.

Raid on Discord Servers

On February 16th of 2021, from 3:15pm - 3:45pm, Willemstan raided four small Discord servers. Conscription was not used, it was entirely voluntary. Charlie, Ian, Sean, Joey, Kendal, and Andrew M participated. The first server was known as "Soda", and quickly banned the raiders. The second server known as "Game Chat" had similar members, and also quickly banned the raiders, but allowed the Willemstan Flag and an image of Mr. Freeman to remain. The third server was known as "Chill", and was a more larger and public server. They did not like the raid at all, but had some delay in banning us. The final server, known as "Catgirl Cafe" did not suppress the raiders because the admins and the server as a whole was inactive, and did not notice the raid. Willemstan raiders left the server on their own accord after delivering the ultimatum.

Conclusion and Impact

The directive came to an end on March 1st of 2021, meaning it lasted for a full month. The Espionage Division was never used. Despite its success at first, the policy quickly became unpopular due to the forced government conscription part of it. Enthusiasm was slowly drained over the course of February. Despite the fact that Willemstan failed to annex any other online communities, the Empire of Willemstan did achieve a few things. First, the citizens of Willemstan gained the attention of the sole admin of r/Williamston, and raided it harder than ever before. Secondly, the directive brough limited attention to the Silly School of Cosmic Children and increased propaganda production for a time.