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Explorer Elementary

This article was last updated on: September 26th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

An image of Explorer Elementary from the front of the school.


Explorer Elementary, or just "Explorer" for short, is one of the four buildings that make up Williamston Community Schools. It is one of the two elementary buildings in the district. Explorer is directly connected to Discovery Elementary through a large hallway, which is a part of the Discovery building. The most recent data available claims 535 students attend Explorer. Explorer Elementary is a 3rd-5th grade school, but is also home to Kid's Corner.

Building History

Main article: Williamston Community Schools

Over the years, Explorer Elementary has received many additions, as it had to accommodate all of the district's elementary students until Discovery was built. What would become Explorer Elementary was originally constructed in 1950 as "Williamston Memorial School". This consisted of what is now the preschool wing, 3rd grade wing, Kid's Corner, and WCS central offices. In 1969, under the name "Riverview Elementary School", a big expansion was made, which included the addition of the circle and a new cafeteria. At some point, this entire elementary complex was renamed to Explorer Elementary.

In 2020, the roof of Explorer was replaced for a massive cost of $391,600. This is the greatest Sinking Fun expense in the entire district to date. During the summer of 2022, the explorer entrance and part of the central office were remodeled as a part of the secure entrance project.