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Explorer Elementary

This article was last updated on March 7th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

An image of Explorer Elementary from the front of the school.


Explorer Elementary, or just Explorer for short, is one of the four buildings that make up Williamston Community Schools. Explorer is also directly connected to Discovery Elementary through a large hallway, which is a part of the Discovery building. The most recent data available claims 535 students attend Explorer. Explorer Elementary is a 3rd-5th grade school, but also has a small PreK and Preschool attached to it, known as "Kid's Corner".

Explorer Elementary is quite old, as the buiding was constructed sometime around the late 1950s to early 1960s. Over the years, Explorer Elementary has received many additions, as it had to accommodate all elementary students until Discovery was built. These additions included a second gym/cafeteria, improved athletic accommodations, and most recently, the offices were renovated. The Explorer Elementary building may not have been used as an elementary school before the 1990s.

Sinking Fund Expenses

"Sinking Funds at Explorer Elementary" refers to the various renovation projects that occur at Explorer using revenue from "Sinking Fund dollars". A Sinking Fund is revenue set aside over a long period of time to fund a future expense. For Explorer, this money can be spent on emergency repairs, infrastructure repairs, and school saftey improvements. The total amount of Sinking Fund dollars spent on Explorer Elementary is: ~$706,533.

In 2020, the roof of Explorer was replaced for a massive cost of $391,600. This is the greatest Sinking Fun expense to date.

In 2018, there was a partial roof replacement for Explorer and the preschool, at a cost of $85,300. Also, the boiler in Explorer Elementary was replaced for $34,300. On top of that, there was a "Rooftop Heating Unit Repair" at Explorer Elementary and WHS for $40,000. We'll estimate again and say 1/2 of the cost was for Explorer.

In 2017, a new chiller was installed for $65,012. Also, some of the sewers and sidewalks were replaced for $17,450, and a further $8,525 was spent on replacing a few of the doors. However, it was not described how this money was divided between the four buildings, so we'll say that 1/4 of it was spent on Explorer Elementary.

In 2016, the last traces of asbestos were finally removed from the utility tunnels.

In 2014, some of the walls in the gym were repaired and replaced for $18,900. The vent pipes were also replaced for $3,500. The old steam boiler was replaced with an energy efficient boiler for $64,400. Finally, $12,045 was spent replacing the doors in Discovery, Explorer, and WMS, $4,000 of which we'll estimate for Explorer.


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