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This article was last updated on: June 14th of 2021


When the situation calls for it, Ian Hampton will interview members of Willemstan to provide more first-hand information for Willemstan Wiki readers. The first interviews occured on June 18th of 2020, shortly after the infamous coup against the Willemstan government. These interviews are usually put into an existing Willemstan Wiki article. However, there are some that do not really fit in an existing article, but are still interesting to read. As a result, they are placed here instead.

Articles With Interviews

The following articles have interviews in them:

Sean Kavanagh Interview

This interview was conducted on May 31st of 2021 between Ian Hampton and Sean Kavanagh. The transcript below is taken directly taken from Discord, where the interview was conducted.

Ian: Now that we are having the first fair election, what are your thoughts on it?

Sean: It's pretty cool. Of course, your question implies that previous elections were unfair. They definitely weren't, trust me.

Ian: Who do you think will be running for the Summer 2021 election?

Sean: I haven't given that much thought. I think we are going to see a lot of new faces, with the dissolution of any possible cabal like organizations within Willemstan.

Ian: Last election, Joey Badra said he wouldn't run again for a while if he lost. Which he did. Do you think he'll stay true to that?

Sean: I do not believe so. This isn't just directed at Joey, but everyone who said they wouldn't run. It's really easy to say you won't run when the siren song of the dictatorship isn't playing in your ear.

Ian: Will you be seeking another term as Dictator?

Sean: I will stay true to my previous words. "I will continue to run for dictator until either I die or Willemstan does. Whichever comes first."

Ian: Very well.

Ian: What part of your Dictatorship are you most proud of?

Sean: The fact that I managed to avoid another insurrection this time. You've gotta appreciate the small things in life.

Ian: What was the worst part of your Dictatorship, in your opinion?

Sean: Probably the lack of action. As weird as it is to say, I was kind of hoping for another active rebellion. Fortunately, I've learned my lesson. Next dictatorship will be much, much worse.

Ian: Willemstan 1.3 confirmed?

Sean: I will give no confirmations or denials at this time.

Ian: I see. I would argue that the action came from the administration this time instead of our fellow citizens. We got the annual spring clapping and it sucks.

Ian: What do you think the school administration will get annoyed at next spring? Every spring something has happened to Willemstan becuase of our actions at the school, what do you think is next?

Sean: The crime of not jacking them off enough. First they ask us to remove negative portrayals of their staff. Next they will ask us to positively portray their staff. You give the rats at the WHS an inch, they will ask for a mile.

Ian: Based.

Ian: Where do you see Willemstan six months from now? What do you hope will stay the same or change?

Sean: I see Willemstan in a much better place. The wiki only grows. Speaking of which, I really hope we get to keep the wiki. I will defend it to my dying breath.

Sean: The right to make fun of Delp is a basic human right that I believe all Willemstani citizens are entitled to.

Ian: I agree.