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February 2019

This article was last updated on: September 6th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Foundation Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2019
Preceded By January of 2019
Succeeded By March of 2019

"I will be strictly enforcing MM."

- Eli Payton regarding the upcoming Memeless March tradition, 02/28/19.


The Willemstan Commandments recived extensive updates this month, most notably, the monthly traditions were implemented as a part of Eli Payton's legislation. Outsiders were allowed to join Willemstan starting this month, and the NSFW channel in Antarctica was purchased by Charlie Nolan using computer bolts stolen from school computers at Williamston High School. More importantly, Tax Collection was ramped up again, and SuS began supressing and monitoring messages in Willemstan.


February 1st of 2019 - Charlie updated the Willemstan Commandements with Eli's new legislation.

February 1st of 2019 - Charlie and Eli announced the Willemstan Traditions and added them to the Willemstan Commandements. These were monthly traditions that each citizen of Willemstan was required to follow. These included stuff like "JoJo's January", "Memeless March", and "No Nut November". These traditions remained in place for a long time, but would slowly lose their touch overtime.

February 1st of 2019 - The NSFW channel in Antarctica was purchased by Charlie using Willemstan Currency (computer bolts stolen from school computers). The channel was renamed #nsfwillemstan and was used to spew Willemstan propaganda.

February 4th of 2019 - The controversal February 2019 Vote took place, and passed 8 - 7. This allowed outsiders to join Willemstan (ie people who aren't native to Williamston, Michigan).

February 5th of 2019 - The Commandments were updated once again.

February 8th of 2019 - A "Free Speech Amendment" was added to the Willemstan Commandments.

February 10th of 2019 - SuS was tested in Willemstan and may have caused chaos.

February 12th of 2019 - Charlie announced that SuS was now monitoring the entire server, controls speech, and more.

February 12th of 2019 - Charlie announced that the Comrades' Choice Franchise would cease production if more copies of Volume II were not purchased. This was because there was a lack of demand and Charlie didn't want to continue production if nobody was purchasing them.

February 25th of 2019 - Charlie announced that March 1st would be a tax collection day.

February 28th of 2019 - Charlie put out an additional reminder regarding the March 1st tax collection.

February 28th of 2019 - Eli announced that he would be strictly enforcing Memeless March.