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February 2020

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Live Camera Feed Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff Incident, Live Camera Feed #5
Year 2020
Preceded By January of 2020
Succeeded By March of 2020

"We suspect IT Men sabotage. The plot thickens."

- Ian Hampton during the 'Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff Incident', 02/28/20.


During this month, Sean Kavanagh established further reforms. Live Camera Feed #5 continued well into this month, but came to an end of Febuary 28th of 2020. This was because of the "Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff Incident", which occured on the same day. This was a highly suspecious shutdown of the ethernet in the robotics room, which quickly knocked the stream offline. System IV and SuS remained online though, and as a result, a real Willemstan Government Alert was made. Eventually Charlie Nolan and the other founders reached the conclusion that the incident was not caused by the IT Men.


February 1st of 2020 - SuS announced the monthly tradition of February.

February 9th of 2020 - Andrew attempted to found a Willemstani men's bathroom choir, possibly inspired by the old WHS Bathroom Parties.

February 10th of 2020 - Sean announced that Willemstan was now in an alliance with Antartica. This was right around the time the Antartica Penal Colony was established, in which the workers there were forced to make Willemstan Propaganda.

February 19th of 2020 - #venting was deleted by Sean, prompting Ian Hampton to release the following video in #notifications.

February 28th of 2020 - A Willemstan Governemnt Alert was made, but this time it was not a test. The alert was made for an actual reason, which was that System IV and the Live Camera Feed #5 steam went offline. The IT Men were immediatly blamed, and with reasonable evidence, however, the Robotics Team never recived another email, or even a look from the administration. This lead us to belive that it was just a random crash, and no IT Men were involved. This became known as the "Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff Incident".

February 28th of 2020 - Charlie and Ian released a couple updates regarding the incident.