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February 2021

This article was last updated on: August 18th of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Resurgence Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Minecraft WHS Project, Empire of Willemstan, Production of Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered, Live Camera Feed #9, Live Camera Feed #10, Live Camera Feed #11
Year 2021
Preceded By January of 2021
Succeeded By March of 2021

"I had to pay Cody $50 in change and cash for this."

- Charlie Nolan on the raising of the Willemstan Flag in Williamston High School, 02/10/21.

"Oh this happens every day, just ignore it."

- Sra. Ide to her class regarding the sound effects from the Live Camera Feed livestream, 2/17/21.


The month began with the start of the final occupation of r/Williamston. Using the Empire of Willemstan Directive, citizens of Willemstan were forcibly conscripted to produce Willemstan propaganda and raid the subreddit. While this initative started with great enthusiasm, by the end of the month many citizens were tired of it and refused to carry out their work for the state. Charlie Nolan began demanding that the citizens complete all of the classwork on the Silly School for Cosmic Children (which was years old by this point). This was not recived well by the citizens. Server Events started off strong, but by the end of the month less than a handful of citizens were participating. On February 10th of 2021, the Willemstan Flag was finally raised at Williamston High School. This was accomplished by paying Cody Reeve $50 for permission to hang it up in the robotics room. This money was later stolen back by Charlie. That same day, Live Camera Feed #9 began after Cody gave his blessing for that as well. There was some unrest regarding meme distribution in Willemstan, as the administration attempted to re-inforce quality control. However, several members of Willemstan ignored the will of the Dictator and used Willemstan 2 to get around it. On February 17th, Live Camera Feed #9 randomly crashed, resulting in Live Camera Feed #10. However, during that live stream, three staff members of WHS busted into the robotics room and found the "speaker system". One of these staff members had previously busted Charlie, Ian, and Sean for doing stupid computer stuff in freshman year. This resulted in quite the "oh shit moment", as Charlie shut off the stream and rushed to do damage control. In the end, no consequences were administered and the stream was not discovered. Charlie resumed the Live Camera Feed on February 26th of 2021, but without the infamous amp. Finally, the Willemstan election system was heavily revised by the administration, who converted it into a fair process untainted by fraud and vote manipulation.


February 1st of 2021 - The final occupation of r/Williamston began. 8 members of Willemstan participated on the first day, and raided the subreddit by spamming Willemstan propaganda. At first, the admin nuked our posts and issued bans, but eventually he stopped deleting most and may have even visited the wiki.

February 2nd of 2021 - Charlie demanded that all members of the Silly School complete their class, most of which was several years old by this point. Most members of Willemstan ignored his demand, as they had no interest in the classroom.

February 6th of 2021 - Minecraft Battlesiege Event #3 took place. 8 people participated.

February 10th of 2021 - The Willemstan Flag was finaly raised in Williamston High School. Charlie, Sean, and Tala paid Cody a sum of $50 to hang the flag in the robotics room. Since Cody is the only staff member with regular access to the D2 room, it is likely that Willemstan will be able to keep the flag up for as long as they wish, without interruption from school staff.

February 10th of 2021 - Live Camera Feed #9 began. Many members of Willemstan were unsure that the stream would ever return after Cody found it, as Sean, Charlie, and Ian agreed it was too risky to continue it without Cody's approval. However, after letting the issue rest for several weeks, Charlie gained Cody's permission to continue the stream. Charlie also set up two additional cameras for the stream, making the Live Camera Feed a "Live Cameras Feed".

February 11th of 2021 - An outline for Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered was created by Ian Hampton.

February 12th of 2021 - The meme channels were set to a 2 hour slowmode by Sean's administration to re-inforce quality control. This created some discontent.

February 13th of 2021 - Minecraft Arena Battle Event #3 took place. Six people participated.

February 16th of 2021 - Members of Willemstan raided four small Discord servers in the name of Willemstan, demanding their annexation. Naturally, this was not well recived by any of those severs, and most Willemstani raiders were banned within a few minutes.

February 16th of 2021 - Devin S. lost Willemstani Citizenship for refusing to carry out his Salt Mine citizenship. This makes him the first member of Willemstan to lose citizenship and be demoted to Little Willemstani in the process.

February 17th of 2021 - Live Camera Feed #9 ended after a random crash. Live Camera Feed #10 started back up a few hours later. However, it ended after a couple hours because the source of the noise was pinpointed by Williamston staff. Charlie shut down the stream upon their entry, and had to do a lot of damage control throughout that day. Several Willemstan Government Alert were made.

February 19th of 2021 - Willemstan Wiki was unlocked after a two day shutdown following the events of Live Camera Feed #10.

February 20th of 2021 - Risk Event #1 took place. 4 people participated in 3 rounds.

February 20th of 2021 - The slowmodes were repealed after 8 days. Eli Payton was sent to the Salt Mine for seperatist activity, as it became known some members of Willemstan created a new server just to circumvent the ban.

February 20th of 2021 - Six official Willemstan holidays were announced by Ian and developed by Sean's administration.

February 23rd of 2021 - Willemstan Election reforms were announced to the Willemstan Public. Originally proposed by Ian, Sean's Dictatorship quickly ratified an overhaul of the election process. This overhaul made elections truely fair by banning all forms of cheating, and implemented a better ballot system.

February 26th of 2021 - Live Camera Feed #11 began. This was the first livestream without the AMP in quite a while, and featured three camera angles. Charlie resumed the stream after he determined it was "safe" to do so.

February 26th of 2021 - Charlie reminded the citizens to do the classwork on the Silly School for Cosmic Children. This was not met with much approval and was once again ignored.

February 27th of 2021 - Minecraft Arena Battle Event #4 took place. Five people participated.

February 28rd of 2021 - A Willemstan Propaganda Contest began. Citizens of Willemstan had one week to submit propaganda of their own creation. This was the first contest since the civil war.