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February 2022

This article was last updated on: April 12th of 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Alexandra Badra and Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events None
Year 2022
Preceded By January of 2022
Succeeded By March of 2022

"Reminder: Tax collection is tomorrow, February 2nd. Prepare to make a financial offering to our economy manager: Charlie Nolan."

- Ian Hampton reminding the citizens to pay their taxes, 02/01/2022.


Tax Collection was attempted for the first time in years, and failed. Charlie Nolan began efforts to sell Willemstan merchandise this month, which included a second round of Willemstan Flags, this time produced in a sweatshop in China for half the price (and quality). In other news, the xp leveling system introduced in the prior month was removed for being cringe. The ranking system was replaced with a new one, based on 1984.


February 1st of 2022 - Ethan rejoined the server.

February 2nd of 2022 - Tax Collection was planned for this date but was postponed due to snow days. The goal of this Tax Collection date was to raise money for WENIS.

February 4th of 2022 - Tax Collection occurred. No money was collected.

February 10th of 2022 - The one year anniversary of the Willemstan Flag's placement in the robotics room was celebrated.

February 19th of 2022 - The leveling system in Willemstan was removed.

February 19th of 2022 - In #whs-updates, Charlie pitched selling Willemstan flags for $35 each.

February 120th of 2022 - A new ranking system in Willemstan based off the social classes in 1984 was implemented.

February 24th of 2022 - In #notifications, Charlie asked the citizens of Willemstan if they would be interested in puchasing Willemstan stickers.

February 25th of 2022 - The response rate of the Johnathan Gere bot was set to 0% by Ian after sending a ton of messages on the 24th and 25th.