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First Raid on the r/Williamston Subreddit

Exposed Article

This article was last updated on: December 17th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The first image posted during the raid.

"This is now the Willemstan subreddit by the power invested in me. Feel free to beg."

- Eli Payton during the raid, 05/21/19.


In May of 2019, the r/Williamston subreddit was discovered by a member of Willemstan. It was in an inactive state, and most of the 3 moderators at the time were inactive as well. It was only natural that Willemstan would want to oppress and conquer something with the name of Williamston. Besides, the subreddit was dead, so what was the harm?

Goals for the Raid

The main goal, and the only goal, was to take over the subreddit in the name of Willemstan. Once the takeover was complete, it would become a Willemstan subsidiary. The raid began on May 21st at 10:56pm.


The following people participated in the raid in some form:

Post Archive

Here is a complete archive of all the posts made by members of Willemstan during the raid. However, some were deleted before they could be archived:

"Glory to Willemstan" - Eli on May 21st of 2019

"This is now the Willemstan subreddit by the power invested in me. Feel free to beg."



"Willemstan" - Charlie as 'u/Willemstan' on May 21st of 2019

"Our small nation now has an official Reddit account. We seek consent to colonize this subreddit as our own asset. Glory to Willemstan! Join our discord, google classroom, subscribe to youtube, and join us in our deep interest into Michael Clough Freeman."


Eli: "Yes please"

Andrew M: "Glory to Willemstan."

"Glory to Willemstan" - Charlie as 'u/Willemstan' on May 22nd of 2019



"Freeman being intimidating" - Charlie as 'u/Willemstan' on May 22nd of 2019


Andrew M: "Exposed! Mr. Freeman is a radical islamic terrorist!"

Lost Posts

Other posts were made, but they were deleted and thus have been lost to time.

Results & Occupation of r/Williamston

Also during the raid, Charlie H and Malcolm H sent one of the moderators their home address. After that, the raid concluded. A couple days later, in response, one member of the subreddit made a post titled "Get of our board! REEEEEEE!". This was a short rant, telling us Willemstan members to leave the sub, and that "this sub wasn't made for you high schoolers." Other responses by the community included giving Charlie a "Fake News" role.

Following the raid, which concluded on May 22nd of 2019, r/Williamston was occupied by Willemstan until October 7th of 2019. By "occupation", we mean Willemstan related posts continued. During the occupation, posts were made which featured the "Throwing onion into toilet at school" video, and more. However, after October, interest in r/Williamston was lost, and thus the occupation ended.

Response by the Administration

See also: March Incident

A few days after the intial prosecution at the hands of Mr. Armour, Charlie was dragged back to his office over the contents of this article. When Charlie turned Willemstan.com back online that week with most articles password protected, he forgot about this one, or did not consider it problematic. Mr. Armour was specifically annoyed about the spread of the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image, and how Mr. Freeman was described as a "radical islamic terrorist". He claimed this may hurt Mr. Freeman's reputation, and wanted Charlie to remove the comment from this page. At the conclusion of their meeting, he threatened Charlie with a harsher punishment day if he found more questionable stuff on Willemstan.com. Weirdly, Mr. Armour did not bring up this article directly to Charlie, he just assumed that Charlie knew what he was talking about. Which was not a good assumption because he did not write this article, and thus had very little idea what Mr. Armour was actually talking about at the time.

On the same day, that very afternoon, Ian realized this article may be a concern to the administration and that it wasn't password protected. So he password protected it. Unfortunately, by the time this article was locked down, it was too late. Charlie's meeting with Mr. Armour was already scheduled. This incident also annoyed Charlie's dad, who then declared that he would go through Willemstan.com that weekend and remove any articles likely to get Charlie in further trouble. As a result, this article, among many others, were removed from Willemstan.com.

This article was restored on December 17th of 2021.