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Flex Tape Propaganda Franchise

This article was last updated on: January 27th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A screenshot of Dominic K. from a scene in Flex Tape Propaganda #2.

"One slap of Flex Tape, and I was instantly revived."

- Josue Mejia, first Dictator of Willemstan.


The Flex Tape Propaganda Franchise began as a school project for 8th grade English Language Arts at Williamston Middle School. While the project was not created in the name of Willemstan, it was made by several members of Willemstan, including Charlie Nolan, Eli Payton, and Josue Mejia. The project was also the reason for the establishment of the Silly Goose YouTube Channel, as it was the very first video. A sequel was ordered in January of 2019 due to positive reception from the Willemstan public, although some have criticized the franchise for being cringy.

Sadly, the franchise experienced a deadly setback on June 28th of 2019. This was when the "Willemstan Folder" corrupted during a hard drive backup, which housed the majority of Willemstan data including the sequel. With the sequel destroyed, the franchise was permanently derailed.

Flex Tape Propaganda


The video was made as a school project for ELA, in which the group had to make an advertising. There were several requirements, including detailed language, witness testimony, and bandwagon. Charlie, Eli, Josue, and Devin S. were all members of this project. Everyone was involved in writing and wrote their own lines. Gizzogle was used to make the lines more "gangster", and Josue's lines were run through Google Translate. Filming was done mostly by Eli, and the video was edited by Charlie.


Flex Tape Propaganda was released to the Silly Goose YouTube Channel on March 12th of 2018. It was shared on Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) on April 19th of 2018. You can watch the video here.


The video has 312 views on YouTube and 19 likes. It was well received by the Willemstan public at the time.

Flex Tape Propaganda #2


Starting in January of 2019, a sequel began production for fun. Flex Tape Propaganda #2 featured all original members, plus Joey Badra and Sean Kavanagh. Willemstan was used to coordinate filming, which took place on January 14th, January 18th, and January 22nd. It was filmed at Eli's house and Charlie's house. Filming was mostly completed by the end of the month, however there was an unknown delay involving editing, because some scenes had still not been filmed, and there was a lot of footage to transfer over to the computer.


On June 28th of 2019, the hard drive containing the Flex Tape Propaganda #2 was corrupted (unfortunately just as all video footage was transferred to it), resulting in a near total loss of the project. It was never released, however short clips of the project can be found on Silly Goose, such as this one. On January 2nd of 2021, bonus content was released unlisted. Ironically, the hard drive that died was revived rather easily after being reformatted and physically relocated, and was used in the Pro Gamer Laptop 2.

Messages from Charlie in #notifications regarding the death of the Willemstan Folder.