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Ian Hampton

This article was last updated on: January 2nd 2023

Image at the top of the screen.

Ian in a "Willemstan Weekly" video for Willemstan, January 2022.

"Think of it this way though. If y'all had voted for goose and not for Sean, we wouldn't have had the 1.1 reforms."

- Ian Hampton on his goose's failed run for Dictator, 12/07/2020.

"My fellow Willemstani. I have stepped down from my administrative positions in Willemstan and will be retiring from Willemstan politics. I have guided Willemstan for two and a half years now, as both a based Dictator and a shadow puppeteer in several administrations. While some have urged me to seize the reins in recent times, I must humbly decline... I will of course continue to update the glorious Willemstan Wiki as Willemstan continues on. However, I will be returning to merely documenting events, rather than shaping them. Glory to Willemstan."

- Ian Hampton in a speech in #propaganda, 01/02/2023.


Ian Hampton is former Dictator of Willemstan. He was not involved in the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) when it was still in use. He joined the Willemstan Discord Server in early 2019, likely around February. Ian was involved in Willemstan elections through Charlie as far back as the Winter 2018 Election. Before becoming Dictator, Ian was a member of Eli Payton's Construction Crew and developed the fair election system under Sean's Second Dictatorship. He is mostly known in Willemstan for creating the Willemstan Wiki, his Willemstan Propaganda, and running his goose as a candidate for a past election.

Silly School Accounts

Willemstan Discord Accounts


Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Ian served as the seventh Dictator of Willemstan. He was in power from the Summer 2021 Election to the Winter 2021 Election. While in power, he added a term limit on the Dictator position and brought the Willemstan Market channels back to the Willemstan Discord Server. He also created the Recruitment of Underclassmen Initiative, which resulted in massive server growth for Willemstan. Ian's Dictatorship is one of the only two Dictatorships to receive a 100% approval rating.


Ian first gained a position of power in Willemstan back on February 12th of 2019, when he was placed into the Electoral Committee by Charlie, despite not being a member of Willemstan at the time. The committee was unofficially disbanded that year and never actually held any power.

His first legitimate administrative position was as a member of Eli Payton's administrative team and Construction Crew, during Eli's Second Dictatorship. While an Admin V2, he drafted the New Articles of Willemstan and ran many server events. Ian retained administrative power when Sean became Dictator for the second time, and was promoted to General (alongside Charlie). While General, he created the free election reforms and continued to run some server events.

Under Izzy and Alexandra's Dictatorship, Ian was made Senior Strategist but was also given the ranks Enforcer and "Willemstan Informant", and was later made an Inner Party member. He retained this rank during Izzy's second Dictatorship. On January 2nd 2022, after removing his administrative roles the previous day, Ian made a speech in #propaganda in which he stated he was retiring from Willemstan politics.

Election Management

Due to the fact that Charlie was fired from his longstanding position as election manager during the coup, Ian volunteered to run the Winter 2020 Election. However, Charlie was able to co-host the election after all, and was given the ability to view the ballot in order to run the election livestream. Since then, Ian has taken on running the Willemstan elections, though Charlie still has oversight.

Political Record

Ian ran Dictator in the Summer 2021 Election, and won 39 points, winning the election. On July 11th of 2021, just over a week after taking power, Ian stated that he would not run for Dictator again in order to allow others to seek the position.

Voting Record

Despite not being a citizen at the time of the Summer 2019 Election, Ian was able to vote because Charlie outsourced the ballot to him. He voted for Annie Payton, and also cast a few fraudulent ballots in favor of Annie. In the Winter 2019 Election, Ian voted for his goose, and cast a handful of fraudulent ballots for a variety of candidates. During the Winter 2020 Election, Ian voted for Sean, and cast two fraudulent ballots for Sean as well. For the Summer 2021 Election, he voted for himself, Josue, and Thomas. For the Winter 2021 Election, he voted for Izzy & Alexandra, Kendal, and Andrew Batten. In the Summer 2022 Election, Ian voted for Collin, Izzy, and Andrew.

Antarctica Discord Server

Main article: Antarctica Discord Server

Ian was the owner of the Antarctica Discord Server, an initially separate group from Willemstan. He eventually allowed Charlie to purchase a channel in the server with stolen computer bolts from the school, who used it to outsource Willemstan elections.

System I

Main article: System I

Ian was one of the three founders of the System folder, alongside Charlie and Sean. He contributed viruses and random files to it.

System II

Main article: System II

Ian created the backup folder which would later become System II. Poetically, he was also involved in destroying it after System III was established.

System III

Main article: System III

System III was created by Ian on Google Drive as a temporary hub for the System files. He did add a few things to System III though, such as an entire Lord of the Flies audio book.

System IV

Main article: System IV

Ian is a regular contributor to System IV, the longest lasting System folder to date. He usually just edits the wiki and archive directories, but contributed to the pirated movie stash during 2020 at one point.

Live Camera Feed

Main article: Live Camera Feed

Ian recorded most of the "Live Camera Feed moment" clips from the Live Camera Feed stream on Silly Goose.

Willemstan Wiki

Ian created the Willemstan Wiki in March of 2020, and received help from Charlie and Sean in developing the first version, which was released the following month on Google Drive. Since then, the wiki has grown to over 100 articles, and is now hosted on System IV. A backup also exists on his computer.

Hornet Hive Podcast

Main article: Hornet Hive Podcast

Ian is one of the few regular viewers of the Hornet Hive Podcast, the school district's one and only podcast hosted by Dr. Adam Spina and Chris Lewis. He writes summaries on each episode so that the citizens of Willemstan do not have to listen to it.

Willemstan 1.1 Reforms

Main article: Willemstan 1.1 Reforms

While he was not in power at the time, Ian contributed many suggestions to the Willemstan 1.1 Reforms through conversations with Sean. The deletion of the Original Ranking System can be traced back to him, although Sean took it to a further extreme than Ian proposed. However, many of Ian's ideas were not implemented, which he later voiced to Eli Payton when he took control of the server during the Willemstan Coup.

Willemstan Civil War

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

Ian was on the side of Eli's administration (the Willemstan Reactionaries) during the Willemstan Civil War. He also ran the civil war event alongside it, which unfortunately didn't gain much traction, but inspired plenty of future Willemstan Propaganda.

2020 Rescue Operation

Main article: 2020 System IV Rescue Operation

Ian, alongside three other members of Willemstan, questionably entered Williamston High School over the summer of 2020, in order to recover the System IV computer from the robotics room. The operation was a success.

Willemstan Economy Initiative

Main article: History of Willemstan's Economy

Ian Hampton, alongside Malcolm Hollingworth, created the Willemstan Economy Initiative in an effort to encourage participation in server events. It was a failure.

Minecraft WHS Project

Main article: Minecraft WHS Project

Ian lead the Minecraft WHS Project, tasked with recreating Williamston High School in Minecraft. While great progress was made at first, development slowed, and the plug was pulled on the project in 2021.

Willemstan Salt Mine

Main article: Willemstan Salt Mine

Ian is responsible for the creation of the Willemstan Salt Mine, the current punishment system for Willemstan. Rule breakers are forced to "mine" a completely random quota of salt to earn their freedom. Oppressed citizens can spend as much as a few hours all the way to weeks in the mines as a result.

Live Camera Feed: Season Two

Main article: Live Camera Feed: Season Two

Just like he did with the previous series of Live Camera Feeds, Ian clipped many of the Live Camera Feed highlights from the stream. He also participated in blasting noise in the school this time. He was prosecuted during the March Incident.

Empire of Willemstan

Main article: Empire of Willemstan

Ian came up with the Empire of Willemstan Directive, in which Willemstan raided other online communities and attempted to annex them into Willemstan. This directive was authorized under Sean Kavanagh's Second Dictatorship, and unfortunately wasn't that successful.

Election Reform

Main article: Willemstan Elections

Also under Sean's Second Dictatorship, Ian proposed legislation which reformed the Willemstan election process to a fair system. These reforms would later be amended further during his own dictatorship, but most of the work was done in February 2021. These additional reforms included a term limit and an end to self-voting.

2021 Inventory Operation

Main article: 2021 Inventory Operation

Ian lead the 2021 Inventory Operation, which conducted a total survey of all the stuff left in the storage areas between the D2 and D4 classrooms.

Recruitment of Underclassmen Initiative

Main article: Immigration

In August 22nd of 2021, after collecting citizen feedback in an earlier poll, Ian announced the Recruitment of Underclassmen Initiative. Starting the next day, members of Willemstan were instructed to gradually recruit underclassmen (9th and 10th graders) in Williamston High School to Willemstan. That way, the graduation of the longstanding members of Willemstan from high school would hopefully not the end of Willemstan.

Willemstan Documentary

Main article: Five Years of Willemstan

Ian wrote, produced, and narrated the Willemstan documentary.