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Izzy Beckhorn

This article was last updated on: Janauary 2nd 2023

Image at the top of the screen.

A Willemstan Dictator with the WHS Dictators on May 27th 2022.

"Lmao are you serious? You must not know how Willemstan politics work."

- Izzy Beckhorn exposing The Revolution, 01/11/2022.


Izzy Beckhorn is a former Dictator of Willemstan. She was not a part of the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom). She joined the Willemstan Discord Server on March 18th of 2019. Prior to joining Willemstan, she and Alexandra were consulted by Charlie in the creation of the Johnathan Gere Discord Bot. She is known in Willemstan for being the first Dictator to serve two back-to-back terms and for crushing several revolts against her regime.


Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Izzy served as the 8th Dictator of Willemstan. She won the Winter 2021 Election. During her first term, she was Co-Dictator alongside Alexandra Badra. They delt with several controversies and implemented several server reforms, including a new ranking system. Izzy was re-elected in the Summer 2022 Election, becoming the first and only Willemstan Dictator to serve two terms consecutively. During her second term, she allowed the citizens to propose and vote on policies to implement. Seeking an illegal third term in the Winter 2022 Election, she lost the election to Charlie Nolan.


Izzy has not held any ranks in the Willemstan Government aside from Dictator.

Political Record

Izzy was not in Willemstan at the time of the Summer 2018 Election or Winter 2018 Election. She did not vote in the Summer 2019 Election or Winter 2019 Election. She voted for Malcolm in the Winter 2020 Election. For the Summer 2021 Election, Izzy voted for Ian, Eli, and Andrew Meyer. Izzy did not vote in the Winter 2021 Election or the Summer 2022 Election.

Gere Bot Development

Izzy created the profile picture used for the Gere bot. She also contributed many of the early quotes to the bot.

#FreeSean Movement

Main article: Willemstan Election Controversy

In January 2022, Izzy & Alexandra imprisoned Sean in the Willemstan Salt Mine for threatening to destabilize Willemstan. This quickly unfolded into a great, but mostly lighthearted, controversy. After Sean agreed to mine a single salt, Izzy & Alexandra released Sean from the mines.

The Revolution

Main article: The Revolution

Izzy and Alexandra crushed The Revolution that plotted against their Dictatorship. They colluded with Thomas Meyer to gather information on the faction, and Izzy was the one who delivered the administration's response to the situation: public exposure and humiliation. After exposing them, Izzy produced several propaganda images depicting the revolutionaries as furries.

Willemstan Documentary

Main article: Five Years of Willemstan

Izzy was one of the people interviewed in the Willemstan documentary.