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January 2018

This article was last updated on: September 20th of 2020

Era Google Classroom Era
Period Lawlessness Period
Dictator None
Ongoing Events None
Year 2018
Preceded By Prehistory
Succeeded By February of 2018

"the beloved First Post"

- A comment left by Josue Mejia on the Silly School for Cosmic Children's first post, 06/06/18.


The Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) was created during this month, begining Willemstan. There was no Dictator during this month, as there had yet to be an election. As such, you could assume from this point on that Josue Mejia held executive power, as he was the teacher of the classroom. Most significantly, a document of 13 rules was released, the first form of order for Willemstan. In terms of account names you need to know, "Jashua Meshia" was obviously Josue, and "Willemstan Willemstan" was a government account controled by Charlie Nolan. It is also important to know that Charlie created Josue's account, and thus knows all of the account information, such as the username and password.


January 31st of 2018 - The first post to the Silly School for Cosmic Children was made by Josue Mejia. The post featured a link to a YTP in which the students were asked to watch.

January 31st of 2018 - The second post to the Silly School was made, also by Josue Mejia. This post featured a link to a Google Document, in which the students were instructed to add suggestions to it. The document was blank, no suggestions were submitted.

January 31st of 2018 - A third post to the Silly School was made by Josue. This post featured a couple documents and established the comments section of the post as the main chat. However, after being spammed several times, the chat was never used and declared a failure. There were a record 18 comments on this post, mostly by Josue. The "chat" document was mostly empty and featured only a couple words. The "rules" document was more extensive, and featured 13 rules. The most notable rules were no spamming, no personal information, "Please attempt to do assignments, although they may be dumb slave tasks", and that no outsiders should be informed of the Silly School. This was the first form of order established in Willemstan, and was rather crude by today's standards.