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January 2019

This article was last updated on: September 6th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Foundation Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events Willemstan - Wolfenstan War
Year 2019
Preceded By December of 2018
Succeeded By February of 2019

"Support Willemstan, pay taxes."

- Charlie Nolan reminding the citizens to pay their dues, 01/16/19.


This month saw the end of the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War due to a lack of interest. Filming for Flex Tape Propaganda #2 began, and the "MostEqual" Discord account was created for the Dictator to use in the Willemstan Discord Server.


January 1st of 2019 - The Willemstan - Wolfenstan War physical fight took place. However, the fight wasn't much of one at all, and not many people showed up. This was the last event in the war.

January 14th of 2019 - Eli asked who was available to film Flex Tape Propaganda #2 on the Willemstan Discord.

January 16th of 2019 - Charlie announced that he was attempting to purchase the Willemstan.com domain, but not enough money from Tax Collection was gathered. The domain would not be obtained until August of 2020.

January 22nd of 2019 - Charlie announced the "MostEqual" Dicord account, as an official alternate account for the Willemstan Dictator.

January 22nd of 2019 - Flex Tape Propaganda #2 continued filming.