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January 2020

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Live Camera Feed Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Live Camera Feeds #1 - #5
Year 2020
Preceded By December of 2019
Succeeded By February of 2020

"Thank you all for electing me."

- Sean Kavanagh during the announcement of his iconic water mandate, 01/03/20.


Willemstan entered a new decade this year. Most notably, Sean Kavanagh implemented his first policy as Dictator, which was the mandatory consumption of water. Citizens of the Willemstan Discord Server were required to post a picture of water they intended to drink at least once a week in a channel called #wet. This was a very successful policy. In other news, there were a couple more tests of the SuS Willemstan Government Alert system. Finally, the Final Project for Spanish III was produced this month, and the first Live Camera Feed was streamed.


January 1st of 2020 - SuS announced the monthly tradition of January. However, for the first time, the traditions recived public backlash, as four people reacted to the message with a thumbs down emoji. To be fair, it was "JoJo's January".

January 3rd of 2020 - Sean Kavanagh enacted his first policy as Dictator of Willemstan. The policy was mandatory consumption of water, under the penalty of "life revocation". This was one of his campaign promises.

January 8th of 2020 - Two Willemstan Government Alert tests were made.

January 19th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #1 began.

January 21st of 2020 - The 61st post on the classroom was made by Charlie as Jashua Meshia, and finally acknowledged that the classroom was dead. This was also the first post of the decade on the classroom.

January 25th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #2 began.

January 25th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #3 began.

January 26th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #4 began.

January 26th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #5 began.