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January 2021

This article was last updated on: June 14th of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Resurgence Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Minecraft WHS Project, Live Camera Feed #8, Empire of Willemstan
Year 2021
Preceded By December of 2020
Succeeded By February of 2021

"I don't think he was a bad dictator in the slightest, he just had bad influences from some of his "cabinet members" that I won't specifically name. I feel that he could earn full dictatorial status in the future if he desires.

- Eli Payton talking about Sean Kavanagh in an interview for the Willemstan Wiki, 07/18/20.


This was the first month of Sean Kavanagh's Second Dictatorship. SuS and the other Discord bots made a return early in the month, but unfortunately Sean's election win video was taken down by YouTube for "cyberbullying and harassment". A Willemstan Salt Mine was established as a new punishment system for Willemstan, based on the Antarctica Salt Mine. Furthermore, a new "Wee Willemstan" section of the server was created that replaced the Willemstan Deviant system. This little Willemstan was a sort of trial Willemstan for new and/or questionable members, and the catch is they aren't supposed to know it is not the real Willemstan. As such, it has been dubbed Willemstan's "Truman Show" by several members. SuS Premium was disbanded since SuS could intregate directly into the Willemstan Discord Server. No progress was made on the Minecraft WHS Project this month. The Live Camera Feed returned as Live Camera Feed: Season Two this month, but it was shut down after only a few days because Cody found it. Finally, Sean and his administration announced a new Empire of Willemstan directive, which had the goal of taking over other online communities and adding them to Willemstan.


January 1st of 2021 - Sean Kavanagh was elected Dictator at 12:00 AM. A propaganda/informational video goes up on YouTube about the new Dictator.

January 1st of 2021 - SuS rejoined the server and gained a new ability to assign Willemstan Salt Mine sentences.

January 2nd of 2021 - The Jonathan Gere Discord Bot returned to Willemstan.

January 3rd of 2021 - Charlie's propanda video announcing Sean's election win was taken down for "harassment and cyberbullying", and he was given a community guidelines strike. Charlie sent in an appeal to YouTube asking for the strike to be removed and for the video to be put back up. YouTube also deleted the video, but luckily there was a backup on Charlie's computer and the Willemstan Wiki.

January 4th of 2021 - YouTube rejected the appeal to restore the video. As a result, the Silly Goose YouTube Channel was unable to upload videos once again, this time until January 11th.

January 6th of 2021 - The #haram-pit, which previously contained the Willemstan Deviants, was deleted in favor of the Salt Mine system. This was because the two effectively served the same purpose, but the Willemstan Salt Mine system was better.

January 6th of 2021 - "ninja brian", a Discord bot created by Aidan S, joined the server. The bot was previously used in Antarctica to harass people.

January 7th of 2021 - The Willemstan Government Alert function of SuS was tested for the first time since April 8th of 2020.

January 8th of 2021 - SuS began keeping track of the total amount of salt mined in Willemstan Salt Mine. You could find this information in its Discord status.

January 9th of 2021 - Andew Mejer impersonated Ian Hampton by matching his profile picture and username with Ian's. This resulted in some confusion, as Ian first assumed someone had gotten into his account. However, he soon realized it was Andrew, and even pulled a switcheroo by changing his information to Andrew's information. Andrew sent several memes about the ordeal in Willemstan.

January 14th of 2021 - "Soon" was uploaded to the Silly Goose YouTube channel, announcing the return of the Live Camera Feed. Many items including the guitar amp and usb microphone used for the streams were recovered as well, after they were reported missing in action during the 2020 Rescue Operation.

January 22nd of 2021 - The Live Camera Feed #8 stream began, one year and three days after the first one.

January 27th of 2021 - The Live Camera Feed #8 stream ended. It was discovered and terminated by Cody, who found the camera shorly before robotics started. As a result, the Wiki was briefly taken offline as a precaution.

January 29th of 2021 - Sean and his administration announced a new "Empire of Willemstan" directive, in which the citizens of Willemstan will be conscripted to raid other online communities and convert them into colonies. A "New Willemstan Military" was created for the directive. Sean also released a propaganda video. The first target was naturally r/Williamston.

January 30th of 2021 - A Minecraft event was scheduled but was derailed by local internet outages. A partypack event occured instead.