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January 2022

This article was last updated on: February 3rd 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Alexandra Badra and Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events Sean's Salt Mine Exile, The Revolution
Year 2022
Preceded By December of 2021
Succeeded By February of 2022

"Glory to Willemstan! Glory to the Dictators! Glory to Raymond Herek!"

- Thomas Meyer's nationalist chant, 01/03/2022.

"It's funny how in their effort to contain controversy they've ended up creating more controversy. And possibly giving me a promotion."

- Sean Kavanagh on his banishment and the state of Willemstan, 01/06/2022.


This month marked the fifth year anniversary of Willemstan's foundation, and was also the first month of Izzy and Alexandra's joint Dictatorship. For a time, Sean Kavanagh was sent to the Willemstan Salt Mine over allegations of conspiracy against the Dictators. This created some controversy, as a "Free Sean" movement sprung up in protest, which was supported by several figures in the administration and many citizens. Further controversy erupted when the Willemstan Social Credit System was implemented, which censored citizen speech and caused mass oppression. As a result, a movement called "The Revolution" sprung up to remove Izzy & Alexandra from power, and put Ian Hampton back in charge. The Revolution collapsed quickly after Thomas Meyer exposed the group to the Dictators, who in turn exposed them to the entire server. In other news, WENIS became fully operational at the end of the month, and Tax Collection was called for the first time in years. Also, there was a vacancy in the General position for the first time in years, thanks to Charlie Nolan stepping down from the position.


January 1st of 2022 - Alexandra and Izzy took power over Willemstan as co-Dictators. They won the Winter 2021 Election.

January 3rd of 2022 - Sean Kavanagh declared that he would attempt to sow controversy in Willemstan by claiming the election was stolen. He was sent to the salt mines as a result, with many allegations against him. This began a controversy that resulted in some administrative changes and unrest.

January 4th of 2022 - Sean freed himself from the Willemstan Salt Mine, but was promptly sent back by Andrew Meyer.

January 7th of 2022 - Sean was freed from the salt mines by Andrew, but the scheme was quickly uncovered by the Dictators. Sean was sent back, and Andrew was later removed from the administration altogether for his actions.

January 9th of 2022 - Sean was released from the salt mines after mining only one salt.

January 9th of 2022 - The Willemstan Social Credit System was created.

January 11th of 2022 - The Revolution, an extremist group founded by Collin Key, sprung up. However, the faction was quickly exposed, causing it to collapse as quickly as it was formed.

January 22nd of 2022 - Willemstan Weekly #1 was released.

January 23rd of 2022 - Charlie announced in #market-updates that he is selling the original copy of Mr. Weber's Spanish Project and La Catrina VHS tapes in order to earn money for WENIS.

January 30th of 2022 - Charlie declared WENIS fully operational.

January 30th of 2022 - Willemstan Diplomacy #6 took place. There were four participants.

January 31st of 2022 - Willemstan's 5th Birthday. To celebrate, Charlie called for tax collection in order to finance WENIS.