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Joey Badra

This article was last updated on: December 9th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

Joey Badra in a video interview for the Summer 2019 Election.

"Hmmm... good question. Let's think. What is like the really good milk? 2%."

- Joey Badra during a campaign video for the Summer 2019 Election, 04/25/2019.

"I have been the rightful winner three times. I am not loosing the fourth!"

- Joey Badra on his run for Dictator in the Winter 2021 Election, 12/13/2021.


Joey is an Inner Party member and an Original Member of Willemstan. When he joined the Silly School for Cosmic Children Google Classrom isn't exactly known. However, he did join the Willemstan Discord Server early on. Joey is well known for his participation in most of the Willemstan Elections, and for being the current Competitive Milk Drinking champion. While Joey has participated in most of the Willemstan elections and been an official under many Dictatorships, he has yet to actually become Dictator himself.

Silly School Accounts

Willemstan Discord Accounts

Acting Dictatorship

Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Joey was the second Acting Dictator. This took place between Eli Payton's First Dicatorship and Annie Payton's Dictatorship, as Eli had stepped down a few months before his term was up. During his Dictatorship, he didn't do much, but this is because he was specifically instructed by Eli to do nothing.


Joey Badra held the rank of Right Hand Man during Eli's first term back in 2018, a position second only to the Dictator. He was an administrator during Annie Payton's rule, and the first part of Sean Kavanagh's rule as well (early 2020). Joey was also an Admin V2 under Eli Payton's 2nd Dictatorship. However, he was removed from power once Sean Kavanagh became Dictator a second time in early 2021.

In July of 2021, Joey was given one of the two Senior Strategist positions under Ian Hampton's Dictatorship. Joey retained this rank in Izzy & Alexandra's Dictatorship, and was later given Inner Party status, which he still holds to this day.

Political Record

Joey has a rather extensive record. He was a candidate for the Winter 2018 Election, in which he earned 20% of the vote.

He also ran during the Summer 2019 Election, in which he received 48.4% of the vote, and lost the election by one vote.

Furthermore, Joey was a candidate during the Winter 2019 Election, and earned 13.6% of the vote.

Joey ran for Dictator during the Winter 2020 Election, and earned 12.5% of the vote. He stated during the First Willemstan Election Debate that he would not run again "for a while" if he did not win the election.

Joey returned as a candidate for the Winter 2021 Election, in which he received 16.1% of the point share.

Voting Record

Joey has not participated in voter fraud to our knowledge. In the Winter 2018 Election, Joey voted for Eli Payton because he could not vote for himself. For the tiebreaker poll, he voted for Eli again. In the Summer 2019 Election, Joey voted for himself. No vote was recorded by Joey in the Winter 2019 Election, but it was probably deleted by paid votes. For the Winter 2020 Election, Joey voted for himself. During the Summer 2021 Election, Joey voted for Ian, Devin A, and Eli. For the Winter 2021 Election, Joey voted for Izzy & Alexandra, Charlie, and Collin. For the Summer 2022 Election, Joey voted for Izzy, Andrew, and Collin.

Willemstan Chronicles

Joey announced the development of the Willemstan Chronicles on October 20th of 2018. Originally, the Chronicles was supposed to be an "artist's rendition" of the origin of Willemstan developed by Joey as a fun RPG project. It was supposed to feature characters likened to real Willemstan members, although Charlie specifically asked to be an NPC character. Production was very slow for the project, but a working prototype version (in Ruby and about two hours long) was eventually developed in the winter of 2019. The prototyped featured four or five working characters, including Joey Badra, Eli Payton, and Andrew Meyer. Each character's class was built mostly on their likeness's personality. During 2020, production on the game ceased because Joey needed to work on other coding projects for school. The prototype was presumably destroyed after Joey transfered the laptop the project was stored on to someone else in February of 2021, bringing an end to the original version of the project.

Due to the lack of progress in the project, it became a sort of meme in Willemstan during 2019 and 2020 to ask Joey how the project was going every now and then, knowing very well no new progress had been made at all. There was a #willemstan-chronicles channel in the Willemstan Discord Server for a time, which had almost nothing in it due to a lack of progress on the project. In May of 2021, Joey stated that he may be willing to restart the development of the project if he had the time. However, due to the loss of the original prototype, the entire Willemstan Chronicles project would have to be restarted from scratch.

Willemstan Civil War

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

Joey Badra was on the winning side of the Willemstan Civil War, as he was a Willemstan Reactionary and a member of Eli's administration.

Willemstan Documentary

Main article: Five Years of Willemstan

Joey was one of the people interviewed for the Willemstan documentary.