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July 2021

This article was last updated on: August 2nd of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Ian Hampton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2021
Preceded By June of 2021
Succeeded By August of 2021

"I am proud to announce that the Willemstan Wiki has reached 123 pages, which is the amount it had before the March Incident. The wiki is also back in full functionality (though the new log-in system has yet to be made because I'm a lazy retard). Ask Charlie, Sean, or me for the log-in information if you don't already have it."

- Ian Hampton on the state of the Willemstan Wiki in #wiki-updates, 07/03/21.


At the start of the month, Ian Hampton was announced the winner of the Summer 2021 Election. He spent the first few days of the month implementing new regulations and policies. Further discussion between him and Charlie Nolan regarding the possibility of Willemstan T-shirts occured, and market channels were added to the server once again. A series of updates on WENIS were made by Charlie as well. In other news, the first episode of Willemstan News Network was released on July 14th, and the rather unpopular ninja brian bot was banned from Willemstan.


July 1st of 2021 - Ian Hampton was announced as the winner of the Summer 2021 Election, and thus the seventh Dictator of Willemstan.

July 1st of 2021 - Ian overhauled the administration, adding in the new government positions and appointing people to them.

July 2nd of 2021 - Ian updated the Willemstan Commandments to include information regarding the new administration layout, the term limit on the Dictator, and the upcoming end of Wee Willemstan.

July 3rd of 2021 - Wee Willemstan was retired and archived. The Willemstan Deviants were relocated to The Can. A couple of channels were also renamed or deleted.

July 5th of 2021 - In the newly created #discussion channel, Charlie brought up the possibility of producing "another run" of Willemstan flags, or potentially beginning production of Willemstan t-shirts. The later was briefly discussed in the previous month.

July 6th of 2021 - Tax Collection was officially disbanded until further notice through the New Articles of Willemstan.

July 9th of 2021 - Charlie Nolan released a short trailer for WENIS Television, and said that it will broadcast on analog cable channel 60. In addition to providing some instruction on how to adjust your TV to see WENIS, he said that WENIS may be live "in a couple of weeks".

July 14th of 2021 - The first episode of Willemstan News Network was released unlisted on Silly Goose. For some reason, YouTube decided to make it public for the first few minutes, so a lot of the subscribers were notified of the video. Hopefully the administration doesn't see it.

July 19th of 2021 - Ian Hampton asked the citizens of Willemstan if Ninja Brian should be executed. This was approved with a 12 - 1 vote.

July 21st of 2021 - Ninja Brian was banned from Willemstan.