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July 2022

This article was last updated on: October 21st 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Post-Graduation Period
Dictator Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events Production of the Willemstan Documentary
Year 2022
Preceded By June of 2022
Succeeded By August of 2022

"God help me I have to watch this shit 11 more times."

- Dictator Izzy Beckhorn on Morbius, 07/21/2022.


Not much occured during this month. Izzy Beckhorn was declared the winner of the Summer 2022 Election, making her the first Dictator to serve two terms back-to-back. Operation Mike Freeman entered early planning, with the goal of Willemstan members staking a claim on an IT Man's Minecraft server by creating a map of the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image. Unfortunately, the release of the Willemstan Documentary continued to be delayed.


July 1st of 2022 - Izzy Beckhorn was declared the winner of the Summer 2022 Election.

July 2nd of 2022 - Ian added two more game roles and mae discussion roles selectable. This concluded his planned reforms to the role system for Willemstan.

July 21st of 2022 - Izzy's "Morbinge" began.

July 26th of 2022 - Operation Mike Freeman was created.

July 27th of 2022 - [REDACTED] joined the Willemstan Discord Server.