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June 2019

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Joey Badra, Annie Payton
Ongoing Events Summer 2019 Election
Year 2019
Preceded By May of 2019
Succeeded By July of 2019


- Charlie Nolan after the Willemstan Folder was destroyed.


There were two main events this month. The first was the Summer 2019 Election, which concluded on June 12th and established Annie Payton as the new Dictator. Secondly, the Willemstan Folder, a longstanding folder that had existed since the days of the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom), was destroyed in a failed hard drive backup. Recovery software was able to save the Willemstan File Service and a couple volumes of Comrades' Choice. However, Flex Tape Propaganda #2 and other important media was lost. In other news, SuS Premium was launched this month, and the archiving of all of the VHS tapes and stuff from the 2019 Salvage Operation began this month.


June 2nd of 2019 - SuS Premium was launched.

June 3rd of 2019 - A detailed guide regarding SuS Premium was released in #notifications by Charlie.

June 12th of 2019 - Annie Payton won the Summer 2019 Election.

June 28th of 2019 - The hard drive housing the Willemstan Folder, which contained citizen data among other things, failed. This meant that Flex Tape Propaganda #2, Comrades' Choice 2-4, and other media was gone.

June 28th of 2019 - Charlie released an update after using recovery software. He was able to recover the Willemstan File Service and Comrades Choice 2-3. Everything else was lost.