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June 2020

This article was last updated on: September 11th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh, Eli Payton
Ongoing Events June 2020 Coup, Willemstan Civil War, Willemstan 1.2 Reforms
Year 2020
Preceded By May of 2020
Succeeded By July of 2020

"I have decided that Sean's dictatorship has run its course and I shall take over."

- Eli Payton in #notifications shortly after taking control of the Willemstan Discord Server, 06/17/20.


This month saw the typical two updates to the Willemstan Wiki, however there would be a long break after this month. The Willemstan I-SHAT program, developed by Charlie Nolan, began this month. However, we also saw the June 2020 Coup Against the Willemstan Government, which ousted Sean Kavanagh from power, and put Eli Payton in his place. This coup was lead by Eli and Malcolm H, as the later managed to find Sean's Discord token via the SuS Premium files. This was used to remove him from power. After the coup, the Willemstan Civil War began, and the Willemstan 1.2 reforms took place.


June 12th of 2020 - Willemstan Wiki Version 1.4 was released.

June 13th of 2020 - The SHART-1 (Susceptibility to Harm Alert Repeater Tower) was tested for the first time. This was the first part of the Willemstan I-SHAT (Infrastructure for Severe Harm Alert Technology) program.

June 16th of 2020 - The June 2020 Coup Against the Willemstan Government occured.

June 16th of 2020 - The Willemstan 1.2 Reforms began.

June 17th of 2020 - The Willemstan Civil War began.

June 18th of 2020 - The New Articles of Willemstan were introduced into law, and the Willemstan 1.2 Reforms concluded.

June 21st of 2020 - The first Willemstan Public Survey was released by Ian H. This was an initiatve to collect the opinions of the citizens for various reasons.

June 26th of 2020 - Willemstan Wiki Version 1.5 was released.