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June 2021

This article was last updated on: June 12th of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Summer 2021 Election
Year 2021
Preceded By May of 2021
Succeeded By July of 2021

"As weird as it is to say, I was kind of hoping for another active rebellion. Fortunately, I've learned my lesson. Next dictatorship will be much, much worse."

- Sean Kavanagh in an interview for the Willemstan Wiki, 05/31/21.


Nothing much happened this month other than the Summer 2021 Election, Willemstan's first fair election. We saw the return of many candidates, including Natalie Nolan and Eli Payton. However, we also saw plenty of new faces, such as Ian Hampton and Devin Abood. Josue Mejia also ran for Dictator, and was most active this month since his original departure from Willemstan back in 2018. There were seven total candidates for the Summer 2021 Election, a new record for the time. In other news, Charlie Nolan continued the development of WENIS Television, and Joey Badra lost access to his original Discord account.


June 1st of 2021 - The Summer 2021 Election began. Candidate registration opened, and Ian announced he and Charlie would be running the election.

June 1st of 2021 - Joey Badra lost his original Discord account due to being hacked.

June 1st of 2021 - Natalie Nolan announced her run for Willemstan Dictator.

June 3rd of 2021 - Devin Abood announced his run for Willemstan Dictator.

June 3rd of 2021 - Eli Payton announced his run for Willemstan Dictator.

June 3rd of 2021 - Thomas Meyer announced his run for Willemstan Dictator. He uploaded a propaganda image of him standing infront of the Willemstan flag wearing Andrew's gas mask.

June 6th of 2021 - Andrew Meyer announced his run for Willemstan Dictator.

June 10th of 2021 - Charlie asked the Willemstan public in #notifications if they would purchase a Willemstan T-shirt if it were to be produced. Seven people responded with yes within ten hours.

June 10th of 2021 - Josue Mejia announced his run for Willemstan Dictator. This was his first real presence in Willemstan since his original departure two years prior.

June 10th of 2021 - Ian Hampton announced his run for Willemstan Dictator. He released some propaganda against Devin, Sean, and Natalie shortly after.

June 12th of 2021 - Charlie released a election propaganda on Silly Goose in favor of Josue, using a Hulk Hogan impression.

June 30th of 2021 - Polls closed at 11:59pm.