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June 2022

This article was last updated on: January 1st 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Post-Graduation Period
Dictator Alexandra Badra and Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events Production of the Willemstan Documentary - Summer 2022 Election - Class of 2022 Graduation
Year 2022
Preceded By May of 2022
Succeeded By July of 2022

"Do you want a female companion but don't know where to start? Do you play league? As a certified female specimen who is in a stable relationship, I can give you the advice you need to "get bitches". Vote for me and I will guarantee a woman (or man) will be in your future."

- Co-Dictator Izzy Beckhorn asking for votes in #notifications, 06/16/2022.


The main event this month was the Summer 2022 Election. Unfortunately, with only three candidates, it had the lowest amount of candidates since the Summer 2019 Election. Due to the low number of candidates, each candidate received a healthy amount of points. Izzy Beckhorn was declared the winner with a 39.4% point share, making her the first Dictator to serve two terms back-to-back. This was also the first election in which there were no WE-PP candidates. In other news, Ian made several quality of life updates to the server, and the Willemstan Documentary's release was delayed to July.


June 1st of 2022 - The Summer 2022 Election began.

June 1st of 2022 - Izzy announced her run for Dictator in the Summer 2022 Election. She re-branded the Revolution, now referring to them as "My Hero Acadamia Revolutionists" instead of just furries.

June 5th of 2022 - Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony took place.

June 6th of 2022 - Collin Key announced his run for Dictator in the Summer 2022 Election.

June 14th of 2022 - Andrew Batten announced his run for Dictator in the Summer 2022 Election.

June 18th of 2022 - Try Not To Laugh server event took place. There were five participants.

June 25th of 2022 - Ian announced a minor update to Willemstan. Everyone was given a role for how many server events they've won (if any).

June 26th of 2022 - Ian announced another update to Willemstan. Game-specific channels were deleted, and selectable roles were brought back to the server via a different bot than before. More selectable roles were added later.

June 29th of 2022 - A Twitter account belonging to Mr. Weber was discovered by members of Willemstan.

June 30th of 2022 - Ian announced that the Willemstan Documentary, originally planned to be released this month, would be delayed until July 18th.