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Mike Freeman with a Gun Image

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on: January 23rd of 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

The image in question.


Side Image

The Mike Freeman with a Gun Image is a picture of former vice-principal Mr. Freeman holding a rifle in a Williamston sweatshirt. We are not sure when this picture was taken, nor the context behind it. Regardless, the students of Williamston High School find it hilarious that such a picture was taken. Members of Willemstan have been spreading this image through the internet and various school projects. The image was discovered in early 2019 by Charlie Nolan on the HS Student Shared, and spread around the school by many members of Willemstan.


Response from WHS Administration

During the March Incident, the administration became aware of the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image. They were not pleased with our use and spread of it, especially in the First r/Williamston Raid. They asked Charlie to remove it, but at this point the cat is already out of the bag. The remaining reddit posts with the image were not posted by him, so he has neither the authority nor the motivation to take them down. However, most of the wiki articles with the image were taken down for a time due to the wiki purge that took place. Even if members of Willemstan removed all traces of it from the internet, pretty much every student in the class of 2022 and 2023 already knows about the image.