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March 2018

This article was last updated on: November 21st of 2020

Era Google Classroom Era
Period Lawlessness Period
Dictator None
Ongoing Events None
Year 2018
Preceded By February of 2018
Succeeded By April of 2018

"The Willemstan Commandments / Constitution regarding legal procedures, authority, etc. is being set up today."

- - A quote from the 'Willemstan Announcements' document on the classroom, 03/07/18.


This was the most inactive month of the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) so far. Besides two posts from Josue Mejia there was little activity. Despite this, the month goes down in history because the Willemstan Commandments were established this month, the first governing legislation for Willemstan. The Commandments would guide Willemstan for over two years.


March 2nd of 2018 - Charlie requested that Eli Payton be added to the server in a comment.

March 7th of 2018 - The 12th post to the Silly School was made. The post contained a document titled "Willemstan Announcements", which contained several new announcements. The first was that the "Pin It On Apple" day tradition proposal failed 2-1, with one vote abstaining. Secondly, it was announced that the "Willemstan Commandements" was being set up. Additionally, "Pin it on David" day was announced for every April 29th, and "Pin it on Devin" day was for every March 7th.

March 7th of 2018 - The 13th post to the Silly School was made by Josue. The post officially released the Willemstan Commandments to the public, the first governing document for Willemstan.

March 8th of 2018 - The Willemstan Announcements document was edited, adding a final announcement, which was that a security system would be set up to cover the "Ballsack Barracks".