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March 2019

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Eli Payton, Joey Badra
Ongoing Events None
Year 2019
Preceded By February of 2019
Succeeded By April of 2019

"So remember class, be nice."

- Jonathan Gere Discord Bot in #notifications, 03/22/19.


Not much of note occured this month. SuS received further improvements, but also suffered a major data loss. The first images of Annie Payton also appeared. We also know that Eli Payton stepped down from power sometime this month, and was replaced by Joey Badra.


March 1st of 2019 - Charlie made an announcement that said: "MY CREDIT CARD IS GONE". This marked a Willemstan Holiday (excuse for taxes), where the Russian credit card of Willemstan officially expired.

March 2nd of 2019 - Joey Badra pinged everyone in #notifications with an image of Annie Payton.

March 11th of 2019 - Charlie made yet another announcement asking for further mass recruitment to Willemstan.

March 23rd of 2019 - Charlie announced that SuS now had the ability to upload "Gere Fan Made" scripts, which were essentially short dialog stories between the SuS and Johnathan Gere bot, and a bot made by someone else in the Antarctica server.

March 25th of 2019 - Major SuS data loss. All Gere quotes were lost.

March 28th of 2019 - Charlie pinged everyone in #notifications with an image of Annie Payton.