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March 2020

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Live Camera Feed Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Live Camera Feed #6
Year 2020
Preceded By February of 2020
Succeeded By April of 2020

"Praise be to Whitmer, overlord of Michigan!"

- Sean Kavanagh in #notifications regarding the closure of WCS, 03/10/20.


The Live Camera Feed returned this month with Live Camera Feed #6. A couple of Minecraft Bloodsports matches were hosted this month by Joey Badra and Sean Kavanagh. We also saw Williamston Community Schools shut down due to COVID-19. Work on the Willemstan Wiki began this month as well.


March 1st of 2020 - SuS announced the monthly tradition of March.

March 2nd of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #6 began.

March 3rd of 2020 - Charlie announced that System IV's IP address had changed.

March 5th of 2020 - A Willemstan Government Alert test occured.

March 13th of 2020 - Williamston Community Schools closed in person instruction due to COVID-19.

March 16th of 2020 - Live Camera Feed #6 filmed the janitors cleaning the robotics room.

March 23rd of 2020 - Willemstan had its first open rebellion against the government. This was caused by unrest over the Memeless March tradition, as it became clear the dictator himself wasn't actually following the tradition, but was still enforcing it on almost everyone. The rebellion lasted for a couple hours, but ultimately ended in a ceasefire. #games was hidden until further notice to suppress the rebellion, and a new #gaming channel was created as a replacement.

March 23rd of 2020 - Work on the Willemstan Wiki Began

March 24th of 2020 - Joey announced the first Willemstan Minecraft Bloodsports match. This was a series of fight to the death matches for a rank promotion.

March 25th of 2020 - The 62nd post on the Silly School for Cosmic Children was made by Eli. A few comments were made.

March 28th of 2020 - Sean announced the second Willemstan Bloodsports event.