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March 2021

This article was last updated on: March 31st of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Resurgence Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events Minecraft WHS Project, Live Camera Feed #11
Year 2021
Preceded By February of 2021
Succeeded By April of 2021

"Gamers get ready, you’re about to be prosecuted. They've got us. The Live Camera feed. Willemstan.com. Armour told me not to tell you, so act suprised."

- Charlie Nolan to Ian Hampton & Sean Kavanagh in the System IV group chat, 03/09/21.


This month was a complete mess. The Empire of Willemstan Directive came to an end on the 1st, after it became more and more unpopular overtime. Charlie Nolan graded the Silly School classwork, in which he mostly gave out zeros. The Willemstan Propaganda contest never occurred because no submissions were sent in by Willemstani citizens. On March 8th, Live Camera Feed #10 and Live Camera Feed #11 were set to unlisted because Mr. Rasmus decided to look through the youtube channel for videos of Sean Kavanagh. The very next day, March 9th of 2021, the WHS administration discovered Willemstan.com, the Silly Goose YouTube channel, and the Live Camera Feed. This was likely due to Mr. Rasmus, who visited the channel the day prior, and probably reported his findings to Mr. Armour. Damage control began that day, in which Ian and Charlie mass privated a ton of videos on the channel. The school demanded all videos shot in the school be taken down, and Charlie & Ian used this opportunity to conduct damage control. That afternoon, Charlie, Ian, and Sean were forced into a Google Meet call with Mr. Armour. He interviewed each of them individually. The next day, Ian and Charlie received suspension notices. Ian also shared “Live Camera Feed Moment #22” on Discord, an unreleased video of Mr. Armour disabling the Live Camera Feed. This is the last Live Camera Feed, ever. On March 11th of 2021, Charlie turned Willemstan.com back online, and only password protected articles he thought were incriminating, and not the entire website. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as Mr. Armour called Charlie back down to the office a few days later regarding stuff he found on the website. This prompted the shutdown of Willemstan.com until Ian coded a new login system with SQL that covered the entire website. Also on March 16th, Natalie Nolan was banned from Willemstan. On March 22nd, 23 Willemstan Wiki articles were deleted under the mandate of Charlie’s male parental figure. However, they were archived by Ian beforehand, and he continued to update the removed articles on his own private backup. Finally, on March 26th, the administration decided to punish Sean “Cool Guy” Kavanagh after all, and he received Saturday School for his involvement in the March Incident.


March 1st of 2021 - The Empire of Willemstan Directive came to an end.

March 2nd of 2021 - System IV and Willemstan.com were briefly offline due to a random IP address change.

March 3rd of 2021 - Charlie graded the Silly School for Cosmic Children schoolwork. Most students recived a ton of zeros.

March 6th of 2021 - Willemstan Propaganda Contest was canceled because no submissions were recived.

March 8th of 2021 - Live Camera Feed #10 and Live Camera Feed #11 were set to unlisted because Mr. Rasmus was visiting the channel to find videos of Sean. Mr. Rasmus and Cody were the only known staff that were aware of the Silly Goose channel at the time.

March 9th of 2021 - The WHS Administration became aware of Willemstan.com, the Silly Goose YouTube Channel, and the Live Camera Feed. An investigation began. The Live Camera Feed and Willemstan.com was shut down by Charlie in response. In the afternoon, Charlie, Ian, and Sean were forced into a Google Meet call with Mr. Armour, in which he interviewed them one at a time. Ian was able to get a video of Mr. Armour turning off the webcams in the Live Camera Feed, because Mr. Armour did not shut off the stream after disabling the webcams. It is possible he intentionally left the stream on, so that we would suspect nothing.

March 10th of 2021 - Ian and Charlie recived suspension notices. Sean "Cool Guy" Kavanagh was once again let off by the administration. Mr. Armour demanded that all school related videos be taken down off of Silly Goose, and that no more be posted. However, he did recognize the independence of Willemstan.com, and said he would not punish us for it, provided we were not making fun of the school. Ian also uploaded the clip of Mr. Armour disabling the webcams to Willemstan.

March 11th of 2021 - Charlie turned System IV back online, and began revamping it. He set up a password system to prevent the files on it from being publicly accessible. He also deleted the 2nd Willemstan Twitter Account, and requested that the first one be deleted.

March 11th of 2021 - Ian Hampton stepped down from the General position for several reasons.

March 14th of 2021 - System IV's security was improved by Charlie, and the Willemstan.com website was brought back online. He also announced an archive folder for all removed Silly Goose Videos.

March 16th of 2021 - Willemstan.com was taken offline once again, as the administration kept poking around in it trying to dig up more dirt.

March 16th of 2021 - Winter 2020 Election candidate Natalie Nolan was banned from Willemstan.

March 22nd of 2021 - Almost two dozen Willemstan Wiki articles were deleted at the demand of Charlie's male parental figure. Many historically important articles were deleted, including the System I-III, Live Camera Feed, March 2021 incident, and WHS Robotics Team. However, a backups were made by both Ian and Charlie. Ian will continue to update the "deleted" article in his backup, in the hopes that one day the deleted articles will be able to return.

March 25th of 2021 - Ian returned to his General position.

March 26th of 2021 - Sean was given Saturday School due to his involvement in the March Incident.

March 31st of 2021 - Ian unoffically announced the discontinuation of the Minecraft WHS Project, as he did not have the time to complete it.