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March 2022

This article was last updated on: April 12th of 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Alexandra Badra and Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events Production of the Willemstan Documentary
Year 2022
Preceded By February of 2022
Succeeded By April of 2022


The Silly Goose YouTube Channel reached the 5,000 subscriber milestone this month, with an estimated 5,200 of which from the Cantina Band video at this point. The second batch of Willemstan Flags arrived this month as well, cheaper and lower quality than the original three flags. March 9th of 2022 marked the one year anniversary of the March Incident, an event which resulted in mass censorship of Willemstan media.


March 9th of 2022 - One year anniversary of the March Incident.

March 12th of 2022 - Silly Goose reached 5,000 subscribers.

March 19th of 2022 - The second batch of Willemstan flags arrived. These were produced from a different source, from a business in China for $35 each, half the price of the originals. There was a noticeable dip in quality. Four flags were ordered total.

March 26th of 2022 - Collin Key joined the Willemstan Wiki team.