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May 2018

This article was last updated on: November 20th of 2020

Era Google Classroom Era
Period Active Period
Dictator None
Ongoing Events Summer 2018 Election
Year 2018
Preceded By April of 2018
Succeeded By June of 2018

"SuS Time!"

- The 'Silly Goose' in the Silly School, 06/24/18.


This month was active, as posts 21 - 27 were made. The first Willemstan Election began this month, but there was llittle discussion of it in the classroom as Willemstan members also socialized through texts, email, Google hangouts, and quite frequently in person at this time. It is also possible that some felt the election was unnecessary and already decided because Josue Mejia was already leading the classroom. The posts this month were made by Josue and Charlie Nolan, so in other words business as usual. Most of posts this month were about SuS and the classroom itself.


May 1st of 2018 - The 21st post was sent by Josue. It was just a statement regarding how the classwork was structured.

May 1st of 2018 - The 22nd post was sent out by Josue. It was a series of YTP content, this time revolving around "SuS", which means "sauce".

May 1st of 2018 - The 23rd post was posted by Charlie. This announced the start of the Summer 2018 Election (called "Willemstan Ballots" at the time). It also featured more bitcoin begging, and expressed the possibility of election rigging.

May 1st of 2018 - The 24th post was made by Charlie. This was a call for recruitment to the classroom and was titled "Get us citizens".

May 11th of 2018 - The 25th post was made by Charlie as Willemstan Willemstan. This post mentioned Dewritos, which was the fictional company made for a school project that established the original Silly School for Cosmic Children.

May 24th of 2018 - The 26th post was made by Charlie as Silly Goose. It was a two word message, and was completely useless in nature.

May 29th of 2018 - The 27th post was made by Charlie as Silly Goose. The video link was the Silly School for Cosmic Children YouTube video on the Silly Goose YouTube channel. The video was posted on the day of this post. Eli left a comment a couple days later.